Yellow Root Tea Preparation, Benefits, Dosage and Side-Effects

Yellow Root which is sometimes called Goldenseal is a root is a small plant grown all over United States and it is a popular herb in that country. This root is a native to American tribes who used it as remedy for different health issues. Yellow root through its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties helps get relief from eye infections, digestive problems and skin issues etc. The stems and roots of this Yellow Root plant are used to get medicinal benefits. Yellow root is found in various forms such as tablet, liquid extract and capsule. However, taking this herb in the form of tea is very useful. Let us discuss about the making of the tea and the Yellow Root Tea Benefits one can get by drinking the tea.

How to Make Yellow Root Tea?

Yellow root is having an active ingredient known as “Berberine”. Though the amount of this ingredient in the yellow root herb is less, this can help in treating eye infections and serious issues with diarrhoea. However, studies have to prove its effectives in curing other health issues. Yellow Root tea is very easy to make with just only two ingredients. Here let us make yellow root tea recipe which is proven to benefit several health problems that are listed out here.

Ingredients Required to Make Yellow Root Tea

  • Dried Yellow Roots
  • Water
  • Saucepan

Yellow Root Tea Recipe

  • Take 1 gram of finely chopped yellow root.
  • Boil 500 ml of water in the saucepan.
  • Once the water comes to boiling point, add the 1 gram of chopped yellow root to water.
  • Reduce the heat and simmer for about 20 minutes.
  • Check whether the water has gained a bright yellow color hue.
  • If the required yellow hue is achieved after 20 minutes, turn off the stove.
  • Strain the mixture and make sure that no particles of the root are present in the strained tea.
  • Allow the Yellow Root tea to cool.
  • Serve the refreshing tea. As it is very bitter is taste, you can a little bit of honey to it in the starting days to get used to the tea. Later avoid adding honey to get utmost benefits of Yellow Root Tea.

This is how to make yellow root tea at home in few easy steps. This tea is recommended to have in winters as people suffer from cold and flu in this season mostly.

Yellow Root Tea Benefits

Yellow Root is gaining popularity day-by-day considering the benefits of it and with its huge demand the harvesting and production has increased. Though the yellow root can be taken in various forms, drinking the tea made of this root would not give much side-effects and benefits the users in many ways. Let us know why this herb has got so much demand by discussing various benefits of yellow root and taking it in the form of tea.

1. Gives Relief from Digestive Disorders

The yellow root tea is known to promote digestion and useful in calming the mucus membranes. This tea is considered as a stimulant of liver. Also helps the digestive disorders such as gastritis etc. It is also used for diarrhea, peptic ulcers and dyspepsia.

Yellow Root tea helps get relief from constipation and increases the flow of flow and flow of digestive enzymes that are necessary for braking down the food. The root is known to improve the appetite. This root can also be used for treating external haemorrhoids.

2. Boosts Immune System

Yellow root is known to effectively work for boosting the immune system of the body. The contents of the root canadine and berberine works in this way. Yellow root provides calcium, iron and Vitamins such as A, C and E that help the immune system. These properties of the yellow root can fight over cold, cough, pneumonia and ear infections as per studies. It also treats other common problems like, flu, sinus infections and mouth sores etc. So, have a habit of drinking Yellow Root tea when winter fall starts during which your immune system gets weak. Use it also when you have the signs of infection to get best results.

3. Regulates Functioning of Liver

Yellow root can either be taken in the form of tea or tonic. One of the best benefits of Yellow Root tea is, it cleanses and regulates the liver functions especially those suffering from alcoholic liver diseases.

4. A Tonic for Women Problems

Female health conditions such as yeast infection, PMS, hot flashes and night sweats especially during menopause can be effectively treated by combining yellow root with chasteberry. The yellow root tonic is also known to be used for internal bleeding, menstrual bleeding and menorrhagia.

5. A Mouthwash for Gum Diseases

Yellow root when used as herbal mouthwash can heal the sore throat, mouth ulcers and gum diseases etc. It is an excellent herb for chapped lips. Chewing yellow root or drinking a cup of yellow root tea is known to give you temporary relief from toothache.

6. Lowers LDL Cholesterol

When it comes to one of the amazing yellow root tea benefits, the yellowroot or goldenseal extract helps lower the LDL cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein which is good for heart. It also reduces the overall cholesterol in the lab animals. The canadine and the berberine of the yellow root are effective in naturally lowering the levels of cholesterol. However, enough studies have to be done on humans.

7. Yellow Root Tea for Diabetes

The powdered form of yellow root taken by mouth is known to treat diabetes. But there are no enough studies whether taking the yellow root herb in the form of tea can help treat diabetes. So, people having diabetes or heart problems should use this herb with caution.

These is what yellow root tea good for various health conditions or diseases. So, drink a cup of this herbal tea for well-being.

Yellow Root Tea Side Effects

Even though yellow root and its tea is recommended for several health issues, there are few conditions in which this herb is not suggested to use. Have a look at those conditions and the side-effects that are possible.

  • Yellow root tea is considered safe for short-term use. However, there are no enough studies or information regarding the safety of long-term usage or high dosages.
  • People having high cholesterol and pregnant women should avoid using yellow root in any of its forms.
  • Do not use yellow root or its supplements internally for more than 3 weeks.
  • As yellow root is known to cause uterus contraction, women are highly advised to avoid it during pregnancy.
  • Not recommended for breast-feeding women and small children.
  • Yellow root can cause nervousness, vertigo or motion sickness and mouth irritations some times in few individuals.
  • As there is a huge demand for this herb it is over-harvested. This over-harvesting of the herb is endangered. So, it is advisable to buy only the organic version of yellow root.
  • Do not use this herb if faintness occurs.

Because of these yellow root tea side effects, it is advisable for the people to consider taking the advice of physician before using the yellow root herb or its extractions like capsule, tablet, tea etc. However, these side-effects are rare.

How to Identify Yellow Root (Goldenseal)

If you want the hand-picked yellow roots, then you can look for various details of it. Yellow root grows in wild parts of United States. This plant grows 6 to 14 inch tall with green fruits that turns red and small white flowers. The stems and rhizomes of the plant looks bright yellow in color when you scrape of the bark with finger nail. In this way you can do the Goldenseal plant identification. Once you identify the herb, consider using the right yellow root tea dosage to stay refreshed and strengthen the immunity.

Yellow Root Tea FAQs

Is Yellow Root Tea Good for Diabetes?

Yellow Root is known to be good for treating diabetes according to studies. But the recommended dosage and instructions of using this herb in the form of tea is not known. So, ask your physician or ayurvedic doctor regarding the herb before using.

Is Yellow Root Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

No, yellow root tea is not safe for pregnant women as it is known to cause contraction of uterus.

What is the Right Yellow Root Tea Dosage?

There is no recommended dosage of the yellow root tea as per clinical evidences. Long-term usage of this herb is also not advisable.

Where to Buy Yellow Root Tea?

Yellow root or yellow root tea is available in supermarkets, food stores and online stores.

Final Words

There are still many yellow root tea benefits that people get by drinking organic variety of the tea in short term. Herbal teas are natural remedies for different health illnesses and they make wonders in some people. So, consider dirking this tea after talking to your health care provider.

If you know any other herbal tea that benefits your health, comment here below and we would consider giving more information on it in our next articles @ Staynaturally.

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