Sweet Potato Juice Benefits, Side Effects and Recipe

Sweet potato is a very starchy & tasty member of the vegetable family that comes packed with goodies and has a sweet flesh. They are a delicious and nutritious family of the root vegetable usually consumed by making sweet potato juice mixed with ginger and carrots for enhanced smell and taste. Sweet potato juice benefits are much more than anyone could imagine!

Sweet potatoes contain a high source of fiber as well as an array of essential vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, selenium, and the good vitamin B and vitamin C. This is a preferred ingredient in many pies and casseroles because of its soft and mushy nature that allows it to mix evenly. And the sweetness seems to only add to its taste. Given its taste and nutritional value, sweet potatoes are eaten in a variety of forms, making it a very interesting vegetable. 

Sweet Potato Juice Benefits

Since you are holding on the king of all root vegetables, let’s surprise you with some sweet potato Juice benefits:

Sweet potato juice benefits the body in innumerable ways and revives it from all aspects, making it strong inside out. This magical potion is the most powerful immunity booster and should be popularized for its amazing health benefits. 

  • Curing the stomach ulcer
  • Rich source of vitamin D
  • Anti-Inflammatory agent
  • Blood Sugar Stabilizer
  • Great Source of Vitamin C
  • Promotes Healthy Digestion 
  • Rich source of Vitamin B6 Source
  • Rich Source of Magnesium

So, you see, sweet potato, unlike our very own potato is filled with magical properties and benefits the body in every way. If you compare the health benefits of sweet potato juice with any medicine that provides the same relief, you will realize that this nature’s gem is better than any medicine sans the side-effects making it a much safer & readily available option. But in order to reap the benefits of sweet potato juice, it should be drunk every day as a strong immunity takes time to build.

Sweet potato is a very fond vegetable in the Northern part of India, especially during the winters where it is boiled and consumer along with regional traditional spices. It is one of the regional delicacies and is quite popular with the people. 

Till now, we have discussed only the sweet potato juice health benefits, but this wondrous vegetable has its other uses too, where it enhances the growth of hair, skin glow, etc. Sweet potato juice benefits the body not only internally but also from the outside, where it nurtures the skin and body for strength and repair. 

Now since we are at it, let’s discuss the benefits of sweet potato juice in detail:

1. Sweet Potato Juice Benefits for Skin:

  • The presence of beta-carotene in sweet potatoes gets converted to an active form of vitamin A once consumed. Vitamin A, in turn, will initiate cell production and growth, helping the skin to glow from. The sweet potato juice benefits for skin doesn’t stop there. Anthocyanins, another bioavailable nutrient in high traces, contain and repair at the cellular level by neutralizing free radicals of the skin. Sweet potato juice recipe can be ingested with a little honey to make up for the skin.
  • The presence of vitamin C helps in collagen production while acting as an antioxidant to our skin,
  • Sweet potato contains natural moisturizers like Panthonic acid, which helps in keeping the skin clean and airy from within.
  • This tuber can maintain decent levels of folate required to ward off the UV rays from the sun.

2. Sweet Potato Juice Benefits for Hair:

  • Sweet potato as an all-rounder vegetable not only can repair few ailments but also give an all-round rejuvenation even to the cellular level of our body, helping cells to multiply. Sweet potato juice benefits for hair supersedes expectations as it’s better than any other active natural agent for hair growth. 
  • As discussed, the presence of vitamin A is responsible for spurting hair growth, and the consumption of the sweet potato juice recipe will work wonder son the hair.
  • Sweet potato juice benefits for hair can be garnered with the help of the sweet potato hair mask with yogurt, honey, and essential oils. 

3. Sweet Potato Juice Recipe for Weight Loss:

Sweet potato juice health benefits can also be seen in the metabolism of a body, which strengthens the digestion allowing the body to lose weight owing to its frequent consumption. But why does it happen?

  • Sweet potatoes are loaded with fibers. The skin of the sweet potato absorbs water, making you seem fuller quicker.
  • Very fewer calories and better taste than potato. No potato means no starch or carbs, leading to weight loss, and sweet potato can compensate for the taste.
  • It’s one of the low-glycemic food, causing a slight change to blood sugar levels as compared to potato, which can spike up the blood sugar instantly.
  • The retention of water in the sweet potato makes the sweet potato juice recipe for weight loss perfect.

Other Sweet Potato Juice benefits:

  1. Apart from that, sweet potato juice benefits the central nervous system as well as prevent vitamin A deficiency with the help of beta-carotene, which helps in increasing the resistance against diseases.
  2. Along with being an anti-inflammatory agent, sweet potatoes juice benefits the body in its fight against diabetes by minimizing the occurrence of insulin resistance and releasing sugar slowly into the bloodstream, unlike other starchy foods.
  3. This vegetable is known for preventing and kill the cancer cells using the help of an element called anthocyanin, which is present in high traces.
  4. Sweet potato also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent because of the presence of Cholin, an ingredient containing anti-inflammatory properties, and helps the body against internal inflammation.
  5. Sweet potato has its effects on ulcers as well, due to the presence of free radical scavengers that heals internal wounds.
  6. It also helps in managing stress levels because of the presence of various minerals like magnesium that provide relief against stress allowing the body to keep calm. 
  7. Sweet potatoes help the maximum in treating respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, and arthritis to a great extent.

Sweet potato juice recipe:

The sweet potato juice recipe can be made in plenty of ways for ingestion. These juice forms are sometimes made only with sweet potatoes and honey or some blends of other fruits to give a grained and funky taste to the whole concoction.

Method 1: 

Mixing them with other fruit juices to add texture and a smooth, grainy liquid allows the taste of the sweet potato to diffuse, giving out an entirely different taste due to the presence of other fruits. 

Mix some strawberries, sweet potatoes, and apple to make up a very smooth textured juice where the acidity of the ingredients will do the trick of flushing out the toxins. Some mix carrot juice, orange juice, a dash of lime juice together will add a zing to the drink

Method 2:

Dice some cubes for sweet potato and put it in the juicer along with some honey. This concoction provides immediate relief to the body, starting the repair process almost instantly. 

Sweet Potato Juice Side Effects

Benefits of Sweet potatoes outweigh the Sweet potato juice side effects because, honestly, there aren’t many.

  • Sweet potatoes don’t pose a problem even if consumed regularly unless you have a history of kidney trouble or heart troubles.
  • If someone having kidney trouble consumes too much sweet potato, it can prove to be fatal as the high content of potassium in the sweet potato seeps it into the blood cells. But the presence of excess potassium in the body might be deadly for a person with kidney problems. 
  • People with a bad heart must be careful with sweet potato. The medications of the heart usually consist of medications containing beta-blockers. Beta-blockers increase the level of potassium in the body, and consuming sweet potato on top of that will add to more complications.  
  • Too much consumption of sweet potatoes can flush your skin and nails to orange. 

Sweet Potato Juice FAQs

Is it safe to drink raw sweet potato juice?

Yes, it is safe to drink raw potato juice as its alkaline natures provide protection to the stomach lining and help your stomach inflammation and other stomach troubles. It performs the function of soothing down the stomach and restoring its delicate membrane.  Sweet potato juice, if drunk in a raw state, can help flush out toxins from the gallbladder. The raw state contains all the minerals and vitamins in the right amount.
However, if the taste of the concoction doesn’t suit you, you can mix a little honey to the mixture, if it doesn’t taste very weird.

Is raw sweet potato juice toxic?

No, raw sweet potato juice is not toxic as unlike potatoes, the toxic ingredient solanine is absent from sweet potatoes, making them perfectly safe to eat raw. But it is recommended not to have raw sweet potato frequently as it contains oxalates, which can increase the risk of the chance of kidney stones as eating raw slows down the digestion of protein.

How many calories in sweet potato juice?

An average-sized sweet potato contains approximately 112 calories along with 26 gms of carbohydrate and a slight amount of fiber content and 5,4 gms sugar. It is the absence of high crab content that this veggie is very much preferable by all. 

Final Words

The sweet potato juice benefits go beyond comprehension and are one of the naturally available gems of nature that can provide a counteractive measure of so many ailments. This vegetable is the miracle veggie that is readily available and easy to consume.

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