Surinam Cherry Benefits, Nutrition, Side-effects, and FAQs

Won’t you be surprised if one day you walk into your garden to find this cute little shrub bearing fruits resembling tiny pumpkins? Well, all plant lovers would certainly love the sight of such whimsical things, isn’t it? You might stand and wonder, looking at those little red fruits hanging down the leaves of a 25 ft plant, and if cherry strikes your minds, then you probably are correct in making wild guesses. Well, we are speaking about the Surinam Cherry that is the most commonly found place where there are moderate rainfall and ample sunlight. So, shall we dive a little deeper to know about these cute little fruits and Surinam cherry benefits

Benefits of Surinam cherry

Surinam cherries are known to treat a wide variety of health issues, and because of the Surinam cherry health benefits, a lot of people include them as part of their diet these days.

Known as Eugenia uniflora scientifically, there are several other names like Pitanga, Brazilian cherry, and cayenne cherry for the Surinam cherries.  

There are a lot of benefits of Surinam cherry, and we shall get to know about them one by one from the below-mentioned section.

1. Controls Diabetes 

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases found almost everywhere. Dosages of insulin would be administered to a lot of people. Well, if you want to increase the insulin content in your body naturally, then start using the Surinam cherry regularly.  The fruit has an amazing flavor and is sweet in nature; thus, your cravings for sweets can also be taken care of by the consumption of these cherries. 

The other Benefit of Surinam cherry is the presence of anthocyanin nutrients. This nutrient helps to regulate the sugar levels in the body to a great extent. Hence, consuming these fruits can be a great choice for all those that are suffering from Diabetes.

2. Prevents Cancer

There is evidence that shows how Surinam cherries have contributed towards combating cancer, the most dreadful disease. Surinam cherries are rich in anti-oxidants, and this property of the fruit fights against the cancerous cells reducing their growth. Hence, this is one of the greatest Surinam cherry benefits that one can get. 

3. Boosts Immune System

For the body to fight against diseases, it is essential to have a strong immune system. In order to keep your immune system stronger, it becomes necessary to consume the right kind of food filled with essential nutrients. 

We must also know that amongst all the other Vitamins, Vitamin C is known to keep the immune system stronger and healthier. Well, Surinam cherries are loaded with Vitamin C, and thus, it ensures to strengthen your immune system. This is yet another Benefits of Surinam cherry.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Surinam cherries are loaded with various minerals that are anti-inflammatory in nature. So, for those who are suffering from joint pains, muscle pain, and other body aches make use of the Surinam cherry benefits.

Once the inflammation in the body decreases, the aches and pains in various tissues, muscles, and bones would naturally come under control. A body without pain can become more productive and active, as well. So, don’t you think you must start reaping the Benefits of Surinam cherry

5. Promotes Digestion

Most of the people complain about acidity, indigestion, bloating, and other stomach related disorders. All these things can be easily prevented with the right food intake. Generally, these symptoms occur when the digestive system develops the infection. 

The majority of stomach related disorders are developed due to improper food habits, consumption of excessive alcohol, and food items that are high on fat and spices.

These stomach related problems and infections can easily be taken care of by the consumption of Surinam Cherries. These cherries are known to be anti-inflammatory and also anti-septic in nature. So, say good-bye to all your stomach related problems by enjoying the Surinam cherry health benefits. 

Apart from all the above-mentioned health benefits, one can also expect a healthy and glowing skin with the consumption of the Surinam cherries. Sine, they are rich in anti-oxidant properties consuming these cherries regularly can result in glowing skin too. Well, these are some of the major Benefits of Surinam cherry. 

Side Effects of Surinam Cherry

Anything in excess can always lead to other problems. The same applies to the consumption of these fruits as well. There are absolutely a lot of Surinam cherry health benefits, but there are also certain drawbacks as well. So, understanding the Surinam cherry side effects also becomes essential.

You must not binge on the fruit all day long; eating 100gms a day is good. Excess consumption of the Surinam cherries, especially the seeds, can cause stomach ache. The toxins in the stomach might shoot up, leading to stomach upset. Hence, make sure to eat in the right quantities to reap the Surinam cherry health benefits.

Surinam Cherry Nutrition

Every food that we eat should have proper nutrients in them. Eating healthy food would constitute the overall development and health of the body. So, it is always better to understand and have knowledge about the nutrients of the food that we consume. 

Surinam cherries are loaded with various nutrients that are essential for the proper development of the body.  The below-mentioned chart explains in detail the various components of the Surinam cherry nutrition. 

Carbohydrates13 g
Protein1.4 g
Vitamin A43 g
Vitamin C45.5 mg
Thiamin0.1 mg
Riboflavin0.1 mg
Niacin 0.5 mg
Fat0.7 g
Calcium15.6 mg
Iron0.3 mg
Magnesium20.8 mg
Phosphorus 19.0 mg
Potassium 178 mg
Sodium5.2 mg
Water157 g

Surinam Cherry FAQs

Are Surinam cherries safe during pregnancy?

Surinam cherries can be consumed by pregnant ladies as well. However, it is important to stay cautious while eating fruits. The seeds are to be avoided because it can cause stomach pain. Otherwise, due to the enormous Benefits of Surinam cherry, it is good to consume them during pregnancies as well.

Where can I buy Surinam cherry?

Surinam cherries can be grown on your own in your gardens or backyards. But, if there isn’t space for gardening, then you might as well get them from your local markets. The fruits are available in abundance at the local vendors as well.


So, after reading this write-up, we are sure that you are going to include these yummy Surinam cherries as part of your diet chart, isn’t it? Especially after knowing the Surinam cherry health benefits, we are certain that no one would ever want to miss out on them. Adding foods like this as part of your diet regime would not just help you stay healthy but, helps you to learn to eat consciously as well. So, pick up the best Surinam cherries and start binging on them without any guilt to stay fit and fine. 

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