Snake Gourd Benefits, Nutrition, Side Effects, and FAQs

How frequently you use Snake Gourd in your diet? If you know the amazing snake gourd benefits, you will definitely go purchase it and intakes in any of the forms. There are abundant health benefits of this tropical vine. The scientific name of Snake Gourd is Tricosanthes Cucumerina. Actually, it belongs to the family of fruit. However, people consume it as a vegetable. There are plenty of names for the Snake Gourd. Most commonly, it is known as Serpent Gourd, Viper’s Gourd, Chinese Cucumber, Gudda Bean, Chichinda, Club Gourd, and Padwal. If you are exploring the snake gourd health benefits, you have landed at the right place. Get to know the snake gourd varieties, benefits, nutritional values, and more in this post. Have a look!

Varieties of Snake Gourd

Snake Gourd is a climbing plant that spreads out its flowers and fruits. Further, the snake gourd fruit hangs down the surface. This plant grows in several regions that include Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Africa, and some other neighboring nations. There are extensive varieties of Snake Gourd that are chock-packed with abundant benefits. Check it out!

1. Snake Gourd [India Short]

It is one of the popular varieties of Snake Gourd that grows in some parts of India. This variety of the snake gourd appears in a mild greenish-white color that comes with green stripes. This kind of fruit grows about 12 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. In warm climatic conditions, this plant grows extremely well and gives a lot of fruits for a long time. People in India use this fruit in a variety of dishes.

2. Snake Gourd [Long EX]

It is another popular variety of Snake gourd that grows in green color having white stripes on it. This fruit grows for about 1 to 12 inches in length. Just like ‘India short’ variety, this type of plant grows extremely in warm conditions. Hence, this variety of snake gourd is highly productive. Even, the interested gardeners can start planting this variety in their gardens to yield high. When the variety of this fruit is in its young stage, it can be used for cooking purposes. 

3. Snake Gourd [Hybrid Thai Extra Long]

It is a hybrid variety of the snake gourd that yields massive production. This variety can be found extremely in Thailand. One of the leading seed firms generates this hybrid variety. On the appearance front, it comes with 78cm length, 370 grams weight, and 3.6 cms diameter. This hybrid Thai extra-long snake gourd is available in light green color that comes with white stripes. Just like the remaining types of snake gourd, this variety also grows intensely in hot climatic conditions. Therefore, the productivity is high. For getting a lengthy shape for this fruit, these plants are given supports from huge heights.

4. Snake Gourd [Hybrid Snaky]

This type of snake gourd is very prevalent in different regions of Asia. In Asian countries, we often witness the high production of fruits that are of high quality. These plants give green skin snake gourds that come with white stripes. In terms of its size, this variety of fruits have a 1.5-inch length and 18 inches in diameter. Usually,  this kind of fruit weighs 100 to 120 grams. At the young stage of this fruit, it appears appealing and is healthy for different types of soups and fry dishes as well.

5. Snake Gourd [Hybrid White Glory]

One of the popular seed companies in Thailand has developed this type of snake gourd. In terms of the size, this fruit comes in white color with 38cm x 3.5 cm size. This fruit mostly weighs 100 grams. The suitable climatic conditions for this plant variety is subtropical, hot climatic conditions with rain. After sowing the seeds, this plant starts to produce the fruits after 45 to 50 days. This type of plant is extremely stable for different plant-related diseases. Moreover, it is quite simple to grow even or newbies. 

Benefits of Snake Gourd

Till now, you have seen the popular types of snake gourds, Now, let’s jump into our actual topic i.e, the major benefits of snake gourd. Check the in-depth information about each benefit that drives you to consume it frequently. Have a look!

1. Good for Diabetes

One of the amazing snake gourd health benefits is it is good for diabetes. In most of the Chinese therapies, they use snake gourd to treat diabetes. It is a low-calorie vegetable that helps in reducing the sugar levels in the blood. Moreover, this fruit helps in maintaining healthy body weight. It renders the best nutrient values that help fight Type-2 diabetes. As per the researchers, snake gourd lessens the fasting blood sugar levels in the human body. Most often, people consider it as an ideal anti-diabetic fruit. By adding this fruit in your diet, it doesn’t add excess calories. 

2. Helps Lose Weight

It is another best fruit that helps in healthy weight loss. Snake gourd doesn’t add extra calories instead it provides adequate fiber content to your body. When you intake snake gourd, it manages cravings and also helps in burning the body fat. As this fruit comprises less number of calories, it doesn’t let you out on additional weight.

3. Detoxes Body

Some other notable snake gourd health benefits are that it detoxes the body. It is one of the best traditional medicine which is being in usage for ages. Snake gourd helps in eliminating the toxins from the body at a rapid pace. It is a wonderful natural medicine that stimulates the liver and enhances the elimination of toxins. As a result, it aids in the normal functioning of the liver, kidneys, and the bladder. Even the tiny kidney stones can be eliminated from the body with the snake gourd consumption. It assures increased hydration levels of the internal parts of the body. The snake gourd juice is a powerful medicine for cleaning the waste from the bladder and kidneys. 

4. Relieves from Respiratory Issues

Snake gourd health benefits are abundant, especially for a human body. It acts as an expectorant that loosens the additional phlegm, mucous secretions, and further eliminates it from the respiratory tract. This fruit massively helps in the proper functioning of the lungs and stops the spread of different allergies. Snake gourd helps in treating various breathing problems like asthma and other respiratory tract issues. Some of the blockages in the respiratory tracts can be treated easily. It provides a great sigh of relief for a stuffed nose and other breathing issues. 

5. Improves Digestion

Snake Gourd comprises great fiber content. It eventually aids in treating issues like constipation, stomach cramps, and indigestion after a heavy meal. Mostly, kids with bowel issues can be treated with the help of a snake gourd. It reduces the discomfort in the stomach and provides instant relief to the people. As the snake gourd comprises high fiber content, it aids people suffering from various bowel disorders and also treat constipation problems.

6. Boosts Immunity

Enhancing immunity levels in an individual is one of the snake gourd health benefits. Snake gourd is an amazing vine fruit that bolsters immunity. It has abundant levels of vitamin C that eventually fights against various diseases and strengthens the immunity power. There are copious antibiotic properties in snake gourd that helps in enhancing the immunity levels.

7. Improves Heart Health

One of the amazing snake gourd benefits is that it helps in treating various heart-related problems. Snake gourd is a wonderful fruit that is free from cholesterol and helps in maintaining normal blood circulation. It further helps in treating various heart diseases. The extract of snake gourd is one of the best solutions for arterial disorders such as palpitation. Some other heart-related conditions such as heart pain and stress can be treated with the intake of snake gourd. It helps in the circulation of blood in a great way. Snake gourd also lessens the chances of getting heart problems in some of the individuals. Those who have higher chances to get heart issues can intake 2 cups of snake gourd juice regularly.

8. Eases Insomnia

Most people suffer from sleeplessness due to work stress or other conditions. For such folks, the intake of Snake Gourd is one of the amazing solutions. The vitamin B6 content comprising in the snake gourd helps in treating insomnia. By normalizing the neurotransmitter activity in the body, it further promotes sleep in an individual. The intake of snake gourd juice helps in the increased levels of vitamin B6 or pyridoxine content in an individual. It helps in the proper functioning of brain functions. It also enables unobstructed conditions of nerve impulses.

9. Prevents Cancer

Some other snake gourd health benefits are that it helps in preventing serious ailments such as cancer. With the consumption of snake gourd, it helps in preventing the damage due to the free radicals. The reason is that it has increased the content of antioxidants. As a result, this vine fruit aids in neutralizing free radicals. These radicals are the major cause of cancer as they attack healthy cells in the human body. If you add snake gourd to your diet, it renders numerous health benefits. 

10. Relief from Acidity

The consumption of snake gourd lessens the generation of harmful acids. Further, it helps in curing various health conditions such as gastritis, peptic ulcers, and duodenal ulcers. Moreover, this fruit renders relief from acidity symptoms such as burning sensation, acid reflux, and heartburns. By the intake of snake gourd salad, it lessens the occurrence of gastroesophageal reflux complaint.

11. Combats Jaundice

To treat jaundice, one of the traditional medicines is the preparation of an ingredient using snake gourd leaves. The mixture of snake gourd leaves and coriander seeds is an amazing medicine that lessens the bilirubin levels in the blood. However, before the consumption of such mixtures, we suggest you consult a doctor. It is one of the best home remedies to treat jaundice. The hepatoprotective properties present in snake gourd treats various problems like jaundice and hepatitis as well.

12. Regulates Thyroid Function

The levels of thyroid hormone usually alter in some people. If the thyroid hormone levels increase than the normal range, it causes hyperthyroidism. In Snake Gourd, we can find increased iodine content. This content helps in lowering the increased thyroid hormone levels in an individual. Moreover, Snake gourd offers adequate zinc levels and increases the functioning of enzymes that treats thyroid actions.

13. Reduces Fever

Snake gourd helps in the reduction of bilious fever. In several tropical regions, people treat fever through the intake of snake gourd. In just a single night, the increased temperatures in a person with a fever will be reduced. Snake gourd is a natural healing agent that treats fever. Just use the mixture of honey and chiretta to enhance the efficiency of snake gourd and helps in treating bilious fever.

14. Repairs Joint Disorders

Snake gourd comprises numerous anti-inflammatory properties. The juice made using the snake gourd diminishes joint and muscle pain in an individual. Some of the joint disorders that can be treated include fractures, gout, osteoporosis, arthritis, and more. Snake gourd benefits also include three bone-strengthening minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. These minerals help in enhancing bone density. Eventually, it aids in the easy movement of the joints and muscles.

15. Treats Hair and Scalp Disorders (Alopecia)

Snake gourd also helps in treating various scalp and hair disorders such as alopecia. By applying snake gourd gel, it helps in the easy circulation of blood to every nerve in the head. This eventually enhances the fast growth of hair. Alopecia is a condition that causes bald spots and increased loss of hair in some people. The increased carotene content present in snake gourd gel helps in treating such hair disorders. Moreover, this gel renders smoothness to the hair.

16. Treats Dandruff

One of the best snake gourd health benefits is that it treats dandruff. All you need to do is to simply apply the extracted snake gourd juice on the scalp and hair. Just leave it for about 1 hour. This helps in treating dandruff and also lessens the hair fall which is the major problem in the current generation folks.

17. Fights Skin Infections

The snake gourd residue comprises numerous nutritional values. It aids in treating the enflamed spots present on the skin. Moreover, it treats some of the skin infections like boils, pus, carbuncles, and more. All these conditions are mostly caused due to skin allergies, environmental pollutants, and fungal infections. In some people, the harmful sun rays might cause skin infections. Snake gourd effectively combats different sorts of skin infections. 

18. Moisturizes Skin

The application of snake gourd paste made out of its seeds helps in treating some wounds on the skin. As this vegetable belongs to the family of cucumber, it has high water and fiber content. It acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin. It renders an amazing cooling impact on the eyes and body. The pulp remained in the snake gourd helps in rendering skin complexion. The eye puffiness and swelling around eyes can be treated effectively with Snake Gourd. If you are suffering from dark wrinkles around the eyes, simply place the snake gourd slices on your eyes. This helps in the tightening of the skin and removes wrinkles. 

How to Consume Snake Gourd?

One can eat snake gourd by preparing a curry. The snake gourd in its young stage can be consumed as a vegetable in a variety of dishes. In some of the regions of Southeast Asia and other South regions, Snake gourd is used to prepare cuisines. Some other ways to eat snake gourd include the following:

  • The pulp of snake gourd is utilized as an alternative to tomato.
  • Most people use snake gourd to prepare pickles.
  • Snake gourd can also be consumed in the form of juice.
  • Using snake gourd, black gram lentils, red chillies, and curry leaves, the snake gourd poriyal is prepared.
  • Fritters can be prepared using sliced snake gourd alongside the mixture of gram flour and rice flour. It can be used as a snack item. Most kids will eat it with the utmost fondness.
  • Snake gourd salad can be made that has abundant nutritional values. Using tomato and capsicum, one can prepare a tasty salad.
  • In some regions, stew and traditional soups are prepared using snake gourd.
  • The snake gourd seeds can be used to extract oil out of it. Further, it is prepared as a flour.

Nutrition Facts of Snake Gourd

Snake Gourd has immense nutritional values. This vine fruit is enriched with a large number of dietary components such as proteins, fibers, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The best nutritional values present in snake gourd helps in proper metabolic functioning of the system. This fruit supplies various vitamins and minerals to the body in adequate amounts. Some of them include Vitamins A, B6, E, C, zinc, iron, calcium, and other nutrients. We furnished the list of amazing nutritional properties present in Snake Gourd in the tabular form. We have given the nutritional values for a 100 gram serving for an individual. Have a look!

S. No.Nutritional ValuesCalories
1Calories86.2 Kcal
Micronutrients [Vitamins]
2Vitamin A9.8 %
3Vitamin C30.5 %
4Vitamin B6   11.3 %
5Vitamin E1.1 %
6Magnesium6.7 %
7Zinc7.2 %
8Iodine5.9 %
9Calcium5.1 %                           
10Phosphorus5.0 %
13Folate5.6 %
14Niacin3.8 %
15Selenium3.1 %
16Pantothenic Acid3.0%
18Total Carbohydrate12.5 g
19Potassium359.1 mg                        
20Total Fat    3.9 g
21Cholesterol0.0 mg
22Monounsaturated Fat1.6 g
23Sodium33.0 mg
24Dietary Fiber    0.6 g
25Saturated Fat0.5 g
26Protein2.0 g
27Polyunsaturated Fat1.5 g
28Sugars0.9 g

Snake Gourd Side Effects

We furnished some of the snake gourd side effects in this post. Take a look!

  • The excessive intake of snake gourd is not good for health as it comprises crucial trace minerals. Due to the excessive intake, it leads to the increase of toxic levels in the body.
  • The intake of snake gourd in excessive proportions during breastfeeding and pregnancy must be avoided. If required, the pregnant women can intake it in limited quantities upon the doctor’s advice.

Snake Gourd FAQs

Most people might be muddled with numerous questions about snake gourd. If you have such queries about snake gourd, just check the frequently asked questions below. We provided answers to the questions so that you can get clarification. Check it out!

What is the Taste of Snake Gourd?

The taste of Snake Gourd is bitter. The immature Snake gourd fruit is bitter to taste and renders a different odor. However, the bitter taste will be disappeared soon after cooking it with adequate ingredients.

Is Snake Gourd Good for Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women can eat snake gourd in limited proportions. Otherwise, it could cause fetal damage. The good source of fiber content and nutritional values in snake gourd is good for pregnant women. However, limited quantity intake is always advisable.

Can a Breast Feeding Mother Eat Sanke Gourd?

Mostly, people say that breastfeeding women shouldn’t intake the foods that cause cold. However, it is advised to consult a doctor before eating snake gourd in any form. 


All in all, Snake Gourd is a beneficial fruit or veggie. This is everything you need to know about the Snake Gourd Benefits. We have included every detail about the health benefits of snake gourd, side effects, nutritional properties, and more. For more doubts and queries,  don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments section. Bookmark our website – StayNaturally to know more beneficial information about natural ingredients. Visit our website quite often to learn more about the benefits of various natural products and items.

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