Rambutan Health Benefits, Side Effects, Nutrition and FAQs

Have you heard of the wonder fruit Rambutan?? Wondering what it is?? And how does it look?? Well let us tell you about this exotic fruit, its look, taste, uses and benefits.

Actually Rambutan is a medium-sized tropical tree. But the name also refers to the fruit that the Rambutan tree produces. Here in this article we refer to the Rambutan as a fruit. Rambutan is scientifically called as “Nephelium Lappaceumis”. The name Rambutan is derived from the “Malay-Indonesian” languages. Rambut means “hair” which is given as a reference to the several hairy spikes or protuberances that the fruit has. In Vietnamese, it is called “chom” means messy hair that refers the spines of the fruit. One can pronounce it as Ram-bu-tan. It is closely associated with other tropical fruits like longan, lychee and mamoncillo.

As said, rambutan is a fruit that lists under one of the best exotic fruits in the planet that many people do not know. The look of the fruit resembles lychees. Same as lychees, it is also seen in bunches with stems that stick out of them. It is red colored outside and white inside.  Sometimes, the outer skin orange or greenish yellow colors. The skin of fruit is thin and leather like layer with several spiky structures that stick out of the fruit. Rambutan fruit comes in oval shape which is of 1 or 2 inches. In many ways, the fruit seems to be like a sea urchin exactly. It is also spelled as ramboutan, rambotan, ramboetan and rambustan.

The Rambutan health benefits for the overall body makes it a super fruit among the people. It is going to be an amazing food if you add it to your diet. Fruit lovers tired of eating the regular fruits can try this wonder fruit to get a varied flavor to your mouth. The good amount of nutritional characteristics that Rambutan has makes your body healthy. Get to know about its complete health benefits here.

Rambutan Origin

Rambutan is a native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Around 13th to 15th century, Rambutan was introduced to East Africa by Arab trader whereas, in 19th century South America was introduced with this fruit by Dutch. However, it is also a native of various regions of tropical Southeast Asia. It is grown commonly in several countries all-over the region. From there, it is spread to parts of Africa, Asia, Central America and Oceania. It is grown now in tropical climates all across the world.

How to Eat Rambutan?

Rambutan is commonly eaten raw. If you are new to eating this delicious fruit, then know how to eat rambutan fruit here.

Take a rambutan and hold it on a flat surface firmly. Cut the fruit in to half at the middle with a sharp knife. You can tear off the skin with your nails starting at the cut. You can even bite it as spikes or spines of the fruit are harmless and soft. However, the skin tastes bitter.

Opening the tear on the both sides of the cut will show the inside of the fruit. It seems much like grape and pale yellow or white in color from inside.

Squeeze the inside of the fruit out of the skin completely and remove the seed out of the rambutan flesh and eat it or you can also spit the seed while eating.

What Does Rambutan Taste Like?

Though Rambutan is unusual in appearance, it has pleasing flavor. Your taste buds will be grateful once you eat it. It is delicious fleshy and tender fruit that tastes almost similar to grape. It just melts in your mouth offering you a sweet and slightly sour falvor. Rambutan fruit taste mostly sweet and juicy too. However, there are few slightly drier or acidic variants too.

Rambutan Health Benefits

Rambutan has several nutritional characters. It is rich in antioxidants and helps fight many health problems. Let us know how rambutan benefits ones’ health in many ways.

1. Aids Weight Loss

Rambutan is rich in fiber content, low in calories and high in water content. Because of this, it decreases the hunger significantly. Rambutan seeds also helps in the reduction of the body weight. To get this rambutan fruit benefits for weight loss, one should include rambutan fruit or seeds in their diet. If you want to use seeds for weight reduction, it is advised that seeds to be crushed and mixed with other foods before eating for easy digestion. Thus it helps weight loss by reducing unwanted fat.

2. Keeps Heart Healthy

Because of the high fiber content present in the Rambutan, it can treat hypertension, lowers the cholesterol level which can damage the health of the heart. It also reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. Also the vitamin C strengthens and repairs the damaged walls of the blood vessel. So, rambutan is a great defensive tool in the improving the health of the heart.

3. Helps in Preventing Cancer

As per a study the peel of the rambutan fruit will alter as well as disturb the cancer cells growth. It can also be used for treating the liver cancer. Eating 5 rambutan fruits every day will radically cut the cancer risk as per another study.

Rambutan is rich in antioxidants that helps prevent cancer. Antioxidants fights against the inflammation and will protect the body cells from being affected. Also the vitamin C present in the rambutan neutralizes the free radicals that are harmful and protects over the various forms of cancer.

4. Improves Fertility in Men

Intake of vitamin C is necessary for the healthy sperm production as per the belief of some people. The good thing is that, rambutan fruit is rich in this antioxidant vitamin. So, eating rambutan fruit benefits the men as it helps them overcome with the problems of infertility in them.

5. Increases Energy

Rambutan fruit has protein and carbohydrates that are great sources of energy. Eating rambutan daily will give a boost to your energy. So, to get this rambutan health benefits you should include this fruit in your diet.

6. Healthy Hair and Scalp

The antibacterial properties and the vitamin C of the rambutan fruit are good for the hair and the scalp. The antibacterial properties will treat the scalp issues like dandruff, itching etc. Vitamin C will nourish both your scalp and hair which adds shine to your hair. The copper content of the rambutan can treat the hair loss and prevents the grey hair by intensifying the hair color. The protein of the fruit will make the hair roots strong. Apply ramutan leaves paste or rambutan juice to get these rambutan benefits for your hair. However, ask your doctor about this before proceeding.

7. Improves Digestion

Rambutan fruit can cure several digestive issues with its antibacterial properties and the fiber content. The fiber present in the rambutan improves the health of the digestive system, aids digestion and treats issues like constipation and diarrhea. Also cutting down the body cholesterol and improves the efficiency of nutrients intake by the body. Also the antibacterial properties would help in killing the parasites of your digestive system. Anyhow, consult doctor before using the fruit for digestive health.

8. Treats Fatigue and Dizziness during Pregnancy

Pregnant women get several rambutan health benefits. The sweetness of the fruit helps symptoms of nausea and improves the dizziness. The minerals of the fruit fights over fatigue and increases the levels of the haemoglobin in the body. The high amount of Vitamin E comforts if the person has itching. The fruit also having good amounts of iron essential for the women.

9. Improves the Density of Bones

All the nutritional values of the rambutan fruit such as zinc, minerals, phosphorous, sodium, iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium and potassium can help strengthen the bones. Many of these minerals are necessary for production as well as the maintenance of the bones density. Strong bones can avoid all the bone related issues like osteoporosis when you age.

10. Improves Health of Skin

Few key vitamins and moderate amount of antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds of the rambutan will help nullify the free radicals in the system along with those that causes the breaks on the skin. By regularly eating this fruit, wrinkles on the skin can be reduced and oxidative stress in the track is stopped by improving the inflammatory conditions.

To make the skin clear and get clear complexion on skin, rambutan seed paste will help. Make use of this paste regularly to hydrate the skin and its texture. The manganese, vitamin C aids in the production of collagen which also keeps skin young and healthy.

11. Generates White and Red Blood Cells

The high amount of copper and iron of the rambutan fruit play a major role in the white and red blood cells production. The copper content of the fruit helps the body to make use of the iron for the production of the haemoglobin by which it can produce more red and white blood cells. These cells are crucial for the immune system to stay healthy.

12. Removes Kidney Waste

Rambutan is rich in phosphorous content. This mineral is essential which makes the kidneys filter the waste from it effectively. So, eating rambutan fruit that is high in phosphorous i.e., about 2 to 6 percent daily will meet the everyday recommended intake of the phosphorous by the body. Thus rambutan benefits the body by removing the kidney waste.

13. Cures Wounds and Fights over Infections

The great antiseptic qualities of the rambutan fruit protects the body over infections which also cures the wounds very quick. Thus there is no formation of pus. It can also give one relief from itching as well as the inflammation of the skin during insect bites.

14. Regulates Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or the Hypertension is main cause for heart diseases and heart stroke and other serious health issues. Obese and overweight people do also have more chances of having high blood pressure which is not good for health. However, the low calories and the saturated fats of the fruit are helpful for the patients suffering with hypertension.

15. Helps in Treatment of Diabetes

As per the Chinese study, mice having the diabetes when induced with the rambutan peels phenolic extracts have shown the decrease in the blood glucose levels that is fasting. Thus rambutan health benefits for diabetic patients are effective.

These are some of the rambutan benefits that one should consider while eating this awesome fruit. However, one should also look at few side effects of the fruit in some people.

Rambutan Fruit Side Effects

Eating the ripen rambutan fruit or eating the fruit in excess quantity will give adverse effects other than benefits like toxicity and hypertension etc. This is because of the sugar content of the fruit.

1. Hypertension

The ripen rambutan fruit will turn the sugar content of the fruit to alcohol that is danger for the people. Especially for the people who are trying to reduce their blood pressure and the cholesterol levels. So, if you are trying to add this fruit to your diet for blood pressure you should take suggestion from the doctor.

2. Toxicity

Rambutan seeds are considered as the sunflower or other edible seeds by some people. However, one should consider cooking these seeds for neutralizing some of the toxic contents they have.

3. Diabetes

Eating too much amount of ripen rambutan fruits having fructose will increase the blood sugar levels that could be serious for those people who are diagnosed with the Type 2 diabetes and also in people who are at the higher risk of the diabetes.

These are the few rambutan fruit side effects that you should ponder before eating the fruit to get its health benefits.

Rambutan Nutrition Facts

Rambutan FAQs

Is Rambutan And Lychee The Same?

Rambutan is very similar to the lychee flesh when it comes to the texture of the fruit. However, the taste is not as creamy or rich. Also the flesh of the lychee is white as rambutan and it too will have a seed in the middle as lychee. However, lychee is not sweet as rambutan and crisper too.

How to Store Rambutan?

One can store rambutan fruits in plastic bags in refrigerator for nearly 2 weeks of time.

Is Rambutan Good For You?

Yes, rambutan is good for health in many ways when eaten in limited amounts. Also one should consider eating fresh fruit to stay healthy.

Is Rambutan Poisonous?

Rambutan seeds are toxic if they are eaten raw. Boiling or cooking the fruit might reduce the toxicity of the fruit. However, there are no proper researches on whether rambutan is poisonous or not.

Is Rambutan Good for Diabetics?

As said, rambutan is both beneficial and disadvantageous based on the ripeness or age of the fruit. Eating fresh fruit is good for diabetics. However, eating too ripen rambutans are not good for diabetics. Consider, consulting doctor before eating rambutan for diabetes.

Is It Safe To Eat Rambutan During Pregnancy?

Eating rambutan gives various benefits during pregnancy. But, it is always better to ask the physician if you are going to try this fruit especially during pregnancy.

Final Words

Rambutan the exotic fruit can be eaten to get stay healthy, strong and young. Rambutan health benefits are extraordinary if you eat it as per the directions. Better avoid eating skin or seeds of the fruit as they are not good for health. Hope, rambutan would be a part of your diet from now.

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