Orange Blossom Tea Benefits, Side Effects, and FAQs

A cup of tea can make one’s mind fresh and acts as an instant boosting agent to the body. When it’s a naturally made tea like the Orange blossom tea, it doubles the energy and renders amazing gains. There are lots of orange blossom tea benefits for the people who have some bodily issues. Before getting into the actual topic, let’s just ask you a question. Have you ever heard orange blossom tea? If not, you must get to know about this wonderful beverage. There are abundant concealed ingredients within this tea that benefits the human body. To heal some of the common health problems like anxiety, headache, indigestion, the orange blossom tea is a perfect instant brew. This article reveals some of the interesting points about the orange blossom tea, its benefits, recipe, and more. Have a glimpse!

What is Orange Blossom Tea?

We often come across different types of tea that offer copious advantages. Many of the people may not be aware of orange blossom tea. But, we are here to give you in-depth information about this special beverage and its benefits as well. Orange blossom tea is a naturally made tea out of the orange blossom. We all know about the orange fruit. Orange blossom is the scented flower that originates from the orange plant. Mostly, the orange blossom is utilized in the preparation of perfumes. This blossom is beneficial both medicinally and in culinary arts. Using orange blossom, one can prepare various things like making essential oil, orange blossom water. The main benefit related to our today’s topic is preparing a tea out of orange blossom. 

Orange Blossom Tea Recipe

There are different ways to prepare the orange blossom tea. Here, we provide two methods to make the tea. One method helps you prepare this tea instantly and brew it immediately enjoying the freshness. The second method allows you store it for long time. Both ways gives you the best taste and oomph. Check the orange blossom tea recipe below:


For the preparation of orange blossom tea, you require fresh orange blossoms and few cups of water.


Method 1:

Once you are ready with the said ingredients, jump into step on how to make Orange Blossom Tea. 

  • Select the best orange trees that are free from chemicals from your garden.
  • Pick the orange blossoms from the tree. The best time to collect the blossoms is early in the morning. 
  • Wash the blossoms carefully with fresh water.
  • Now, pour 4 cups of water in a utensil and start heating it.
  • After the water reaching the boiling point, add orange blossoms.
  • Keeping the lid on it, boil the mixture for a couple of minutes.
  • Strain it and have your beverage.

Method 2:

The ingredients are the same for both methods. Read on the preparation!

  • Collect the fresh orange blossoms from the tree.
  • Get a proper place at your home to dry the blossoms.
  • It may take some days based on the moistness in that location.
  • Ensure that all the blossoms turn into brown color in terms of texture. 
  • The blossoms will become crispy and it’s an indication that they are completely dried.
  • It has now become a natural product and can be stored in a jar and place it in the refrigerator.
  • Whenever you feel like brewing the tea, just boil the dry blossoms in hot water.
  • Make sure you don’t use too many blossoms as it gives a strong flavor.
  • We advise you to take 1 teaspoon of orange blossom for an individual. 
  • Once the water turns into light lemon color, strain it, and brew the tea.

Benefits of Orange Blossom Tea

We listed some of the noteworthy orange blossom tea health benefits. By brewing it frequently, it renders a lot of advantages to the people. We are sure that you will get involved in preparing the orange blossom tea recipe once you read all the benefits. Just get into the list now!

1. Helps Sleeping Disorders

The benefits of orange blossom tea are many. The major benefit is that it mends sleeping disorders in an individual. It acts as a soothing agent and helps people treating their sleeplessness. As mentioned already, it is a natural scent that has a calming effect. People who suffer from sleeplessness or insomnia can brew this tea to overcome such problems. Besides brewing it as a tea, you can sprinkle a drop of it on your bed to get a great aroma. It is the best option as a late-night drink for people who suffer from insomnia. This tea helps in providing a restful sleep to an individual.

2. Reduce Anxiety

As orange blossom comes with abundant health components like vitamin C, carotene, and flavonoids, all these properties penetrate the water after making the orange blossom tea recipe. The medicinal properties in this tea help reduce anxiety levels in an individual. The tea has a lot of tranquilizing properties. This tea can help reduce your anxiety levels to a certain extent. It aids in relaxing your mind and body on a stressful day. Once you brew this tea, it provides rest to your nerves. Sometimes, it takes you to a stage that you enter a trance state or hypnotic.

3. Comforts Menstrual Cramps

Women suffering from menstrual cramps can brew this tea as it renders comfort during the menstrual cycle. 

4. Gives Relief from Headache

Orange blossom tea is an instant reliever from headache. With it’s aroma and taste, people can easily reduce their health problems.

5. Helps Indigestion Problems

This tea also helps in treating indigestion problems. It is a natural treatment for indigestion problems in different places. Undoubtedly, it is completely safe and natural medicine.

6. Combats Cold, Cough and Flu Symptoms

Orange blossom tea also acts as a natural medicine that fights against the common cold, cough, and flu symptoms. Due to a change in the weather, sometimes people may catch a cold and cough. If the symptoms are just minor, you can simply take a cup of orange blossom tea. By adding a spoonful of honey, you can treat the common cold and flu-like symptoms. Orange blossoms have some antibacterial properties that help fight these conditions.

7. Balance Cholesterol Levels

Orange blossom tea has antidiarrhoeal properties that benefit you in balancing your cholesterol levels. The reason is that it comes with increased pectin levels. This element acts as a cholesterol balancing agent. It’s not the only thing one can do to balance their weight. A proper diet and frequent exercise are required.

Orange Blossom Tea Side Effects

Any ingredient or recipe comes with both benefits and side effects. We listed some of the orange blossom tea side effects below. Take a look!

Anything taken in more quantity will definitely give side effects. We advise you to take this tea in limited proportions. There are bitter components in the orange blossom such as alcohol and terpenes. If it is consumed with caffeine-related components, it might increase the risk of High BP, heart strokes, and more. The tea is not recommended for pregnant women and people who are allergic to citrus fruits. Anyways, it is advisable to take advice from a medical practitioner before starting to drink this tea.

Orange Blossom Tea FAQs

Readout some of the frequently asked questions about Orange Blossom Tea below:

Does Orange Blossom Tea Contain Caffeine?

No, orange blossom tea doesn’t comprise caffeine properties.

Can a Pregnant Woman Drink Orange Blossom Tea?

No, this beverage is not recommended for pregnant women.

Where Can I Buy Orange Blossom?

Mostly, Orange blossom tea is available in Middle Eastern grocery outlets and markets. One can purchase orange blossom tea online at amazon.


That’s all! These are the remarkable orange blossom tea benefits. We hope the information about orange blossom tea recipes and benefits is helpful. If you have an orange tree in your garden or backyard, just go and pick some of the orange blossoms. Prepare the tea following our recipe and taste it. Drop your experience in the comments section. Citrus fruit and the blossom with abundant medicinal properties shouldn’t let go. Just collect them right now and treat your common health issues. Stay tuned to our website StayNaturally to stay natural always. 

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