Neem Soap Benefits, Side Effects, DIY Making Procedure

When it comes to the skin care, most of us given importance in buying high end natural skin care products to keep our skin radiant and chemical free. This article is especially for the herbal or natural skin care product lovers. Neem soap is one such widely used herbal soap product in taking care of skin and beauty. Most of the neem oil taken from the neem tree is used in soap making as it is the main ingredient of the soap. Neem soap is a natural herbal soap suitable for all skin types as it is prepared from naturally extracted neem oil. The oil is also used for hair care. Here let us talk about how this soap is helpful in skin care and the Neem soap benefits that our skin gets of using it regularly.

How to Make Neem Soap at Home

Neem soap is made out of neem oil and other natural oils in different quantities. The Neem oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the fruits and seeds of the Neem tree. As the soap includes the neem oil, it soothes dry and itchy skin. Using the soap containing atleast 20% of the neem oil content is good for the skin. Here we are going to make a mild neem soap which is suitable for daily use. See the ingredients neem soap recipe at home and if possible make it on your own to get utmost benefits.

Neem Soap Ingredients

  • 40 grams neem oil
  • 175 grams olive oil
  • 50 grams coconut oil
  • 175 grams sunflower oil
  • 40 grams palm oil
  • 17 grams castor oil
  • 65 grams caustic soda
  • 15 grams essential oil (any essential oil of your choice, but you choose the one that mask the neem smell)
  • 200 grams water

Utensils Required

  • A large pot or bowl made from enamel or stainless steel, pyrex.
  • A small cup.
  • A pyrex jug.
  • A slotted spoon or a wooden one (don’t use wooden spoon for anything is you use it for soap).
  • A stainless steel spoon or stick.
  • Accurate scale.
  • Soap mold.
  • Thermometer.
  • Goggles, rubber gloves and a heavy apron.
  • Wear fully covered old clothes.

Neem Soap Recipe Making

  • Wear all the protective gear and read and understand the label and the warnings given on caustic soda before you start soap making process. Once you are ready go ahead following all safety measures.
  • Put the jug on the scale and weigh the cold water.
  • Take the caustic soda in a cup and weigh it.
  • Add caustic soda in to the cold water slowly and stir it with stick or spoon. Keep stirring. (Warning: Never add water to the caustic soda i.e., lye. Only add lye (caustic soda) to the water as said.
  • Upon mixing the ingredients, they get very hot and nasty fumes comes out of it. Do not breathe the fumes.
  • Put the jug aside and let it cool down.
  • Take a large bowl and mix all the oils in it.
  • Heat all the oils at 175F/80°C in microwave or on stove or in a pot of boiling water.
  • Make sure that the lye solution and the oils both are at 175F/80°C.
  • Now start adding lye solution slowly to the oils stirring continuously.
  • Keep on stirring till the consistency and the color of the mixture changes i.e., chemical reaction happens.
  • Do tracing once the mixture turns as custard i.e., pull the spoon from the mixture and draw it over the surface. Observe that the mixture falls of the spoon slowly and this is where it is done.
  • Now, add essential oils or color and stir them well.
  • Pour the mixture in to the mold and cover it. Wrap everything with old towel.
  • Leave the mold for 24 hours. After that take the soap out of the mold and cut the soap in to pieces.
  • Leave the Neem soap for four weeks in the open air and don’t use it as soon as it is taken out of the mold. Also make sure that no lye is left.
  • After soapification is over, you can start using the soap.

Neem soap preparation at home should be done carefully with all the precautions. Once it is done, you can use this mild version of the soap and get all the benefits of neem soap for the skin.

Neem Soap Benefits

Neem soap is one of the best herbal soaps that one can use in skin care routine. Antioxidants and the vitamin E present in the soap benefits skin a lot. There are several benefits of skin soap that you one should know about before using it. Especially, this soap works well of women having skin problems like acne, scars etc. Let us have detailed overview of the benefits here.

1. Neem Soap for Acne

The antioxidants present in the neem soap gives you healthy and radiant skin which does not give space for acne. Regular bathing with Neem soap helps get rid of the acne from the body as it also acts as anti-bacteria which kills bacteria on the skin. This is one of the best neem soap benefits for people suffering from acne.

2. Treats Various Skin Conditions

Neem soap is very effective in treating skin conditions and preventing skin problems such as skin ulcers, dry skin, wrinkles and other skin problems. The neem present in the soap penetrates deep in to the pores of the skin and reduce the wrinkles and decreases the appearance of stains on the skin or face.

3. Gives Radiant and Clean Skin

Presence of Vitamin E in the neem soap makes the skin healthy. Using the neem soap everyday will give you clean and bright skin by making it healthy. This is what most of the women today look for. This neem soap benefit will definitely held today’s working women a lot as they are exposed to pollution.

4. Reduces Excess Oil from Skin

People having oily skin are more prone to acne. Also their face looks dull and oily every time. One good solution for this is using the neem soap. This soap controls the production of excess oil on the face and the skin. Thus, it in-turn reduces the acne.

5. Treats Scabies

Neem soap for scabies is one of the best treatments. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and the analgesic properties of the Neem soap helps treat scabies. The active components of the neem kills scabies as per the laboratory tests.

6. Neem Soap for Eczema

Many people experience eczema which is a common inflammatory skin disease. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the neem helps overcome eczema. Using neem soap in the daily skin care routine will help cure eczema quickly.

7. Prevents Ringworm

Ringworm is skin disease caused by bacteria or fungi. Neem soap contains neem oil which is good for treating or preventing the ringworm from the skin as neem oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

8. Neem Soap for Fungal Infections

Neem oil present in the neem soap can help prevent the fungal infections such as jock-itch, athlete’s foot (pediav) etc. Using the neem soap and neem leaf extracts on the affected area regularly will reduce the fungal infections quickly.

9. Reduces Redness and Itching in Psoriasis

Washing the skin affected with psoriasis with neem soap can reduce itching and redness on the skin as well as increases the overall condition of the skin in the entire treatment. This is one of the best neem soap benefits for skin.

10. Reduces Pores

Women today have the skin problems like large and open pores. Here comes the benefits of neem soap that has the ability of shrinking the skin pores without making the skin dry. This also does not cause any irritation on the skin. Overall, it makes the skin smooth and toned.

11. Removes Dead Skin Cells

Presence of dead skin on the face and body makes your skin look dull and unhealthy. However, using the Neem soap regularly will remove off all the dead skin from your body. This will generate new skin cells and makes your skin look bright.

12. Reduces Scars

This is one of the other best neem soap benefits for people having scars on their face and skin. Neem soap has the anti-inflammatory function that reduces the inflammation of the skin and reduces the scars present on the skin or prevent them.

Neem Soap Side Effects

The side effects of using the neem soap depends on the soap making process. One should see the composition of the ingredients used in the soap before buying it. Ensure that, no chemical additives are added to it. The risks from the neem soap are based on how it is made.

Don’t risk yourself buying cheap soaps which just add some amount of neem oil to it specifying it as neem soap.

Sources say, 20% neem oil or somewhat less in the neem soap is good for skin. So, check for this label before you buy a neem soap.

30% to 40% of neem oil in the soap is considered high which is bit stronger for people having sensitive skin and the smell is also not that good. Neem in high amounts is toxic for skin.

Better avoid using neem soap and the products made with neem on children below 4 years of age as toxicity is reported in children.

Women trying to conceive or breastfeeding women should not use neem. Also men who is trying to become parent is not advised to use neem soap.

Using the neem soap prepared in certain parameters is safe to use. Also be sure that it is chemically adulterated and non-toxic soap.

Neem Soap FAQs

Which Neem Soap is the Best?

Any neem soap without chemical additives prepared by following few parameters is best to use for skin. One should look for 20% or some less amount of neem oil in the soap as it is good.

Where to Buy Neem Soap?

Online shopping sites like amazon list some best neem soaps and it is best place to buy checking all the ingredients of the soap. However, some herbal or natural neem soaps are also available in the super markets and stores near to you.

Final Words

After knowing the amazing neem soap benefits, one cannot ignore buying the soap to keep their skin bright and clean. So, say good bye to all the chemical based soaps that makes the skin rough and dull on daily use and shift to this herbal based soap which keeps the skin healthy. If you know any more benefits or side-effects, share your thoughts with us through comments under this article.

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