Neem Juice Recipe, Benefits, Side-effects, and FAQs

Neem tree is a haven of medicinal values. Each part of the tree including the leaves, seeds, flowers, root, and bark are full of amazing medicinal properties. Mostly, neem leaves are used in Ayurveda to treat a variety of diseases like leprosy, skin ulcers, heart diseases, Diabetes, and more. Usually, people intake neem in the form of juice. The juice is prepared using the neem leaves. There are abundant neem juice benefits for different age groups. The complete guide on the neem juice recipe, health benefits of the juice, and more are explained through this post. Have a glance! 

Goodness of Neem Juice

Most often, people suffering from Diabetes are advised to intake neem juice. As there are innumerable benefits of neem juice, doctors also suggest it for diabetic patients. It’s not just completed. Before heading to know the health benefits, just read out the goodness of neem juice. Neem juice is extracted from the neem leaves. There is a slew of medicinal properties hidden in the neem juice. It is a contemporary Indian medicine and most popular in Ayurveda treatment. For several decades, people have been using it for curing many ailments. The medicinal values lying in neem juice helps fight against risky diseases like dengue and some of the skin-related infections. This herb builds a powerful immune system in the body that in turn treats copious health conditions.

We know, it’s hard to consume the neem leaves as it is because of the bitter taste it has. Instead, the neem juice is advised for the people. The juice made out of this powerful herb is a wonderful medicine for the human body. It makes wonders on the eyesight, hair, skin, teeth, and other parts of the body. There are lots of benefits of drinking neem juice empty stomach every morning. Numerous antibacterial properties are present in neem. When the neem leaves and extracted and made juice out of it, all those properties enters our body. As a result, the harmful bacteria in the body will be eliminated through the neem juice antibacterial properties. The toxins within the body are eliminated through the consumption of neem juice at the right time.  The preparation of neem juice is not at all tough. Still, you can learn the appropriate neem juice recipe in this post. 

How to Make Neem Juice

For the preparation of neem juice recipe, all you need to a couple of ingredients. Any individual can easily make neem juice and serve it in less time. Check the step-by-step procedure to prepare the natural medicine –  neem juice below:


Check the list of required ingredients to make neem juice:

  1. A handful of fresh neem leaves or a Cup: Make sure that the leaves are fresh, dark green in texture. Select the leaves that are spot-less and without any cuts. You can pick the neem tree from your backyard or a garden and take the stems to get leaves.
  2. One Cup of Water

Neem Juice Recipe

Follow the steps to make neem juice in a proper way:

  • Once you have collected the fresh neem leaves, just wash them using clean water.
  • Put the leaves in a strainer to remove the excess water in it.
  • Take a mixer jar and place the clean neem leaves in it.
  • Pour an equal quantity of water i.e., 1 cup of water for 1 cup of neem leaves.
  • Blend the mixer until the mixture becomes smooth.
  • The texture of the juice turns dark green once the blending is done.
  • Strain the mixture into a bowl with the help of a clean muslin cloth.
  • Separate the neem juice and the extracted mixture.
  • After filtering the mixture, you can get a glass of neem juice.
  • Consume the juice immediately without any delay.
  • If you are unable to drink it directly, just mix a spoon of honey and lemon juice. However, these ingredients are optional.

That’s it! This is the simple yet detailed neem juice recipe.

Health Benefits of Neem Juice

Neem Juice is a herbal remedy for many health issues. Before self-treating with this juice, we advise you to take suggestions from your family doctor. There is a lot of neem juice health benefits that you may not be aware of. To know them right now, just read out this post. 

1. Helps Lose Weight

Wondering how neem juice could help lose bodyweight? If you drink neem juice frequently, it keeps your stomach clean and enhances your metabolism. Moreover, this juice helps in breaking down the extra fat in the body. This, in turn, helps in losing weight. Another best mixture for reducing weight is using neem juice alongside honey and lemon. This drink will increase the metabolism levels in your body.

2. Fights Against Cancer

Neem juice is a natural medicine that helps in treating cancer. In the neem leaves, we can find a purified form of protein namely NLGP [glycoprotein]. This juice gradually diminishes the growth of tumor cells. This protein present in the neem juice alters the immune cells located in the cancer environment and blood. This juice doesn’t show any impact on the cancer cells directly. Instead, it constrains the growth of the tumor further.

3. Gives Relief from Eye Problems

Neem juice is a fantastic medicine that cures some of the eye problems like conjunctivitis and night blindness. Both of these are some of the popular eye-related issues that most people confront. As per the researchers’ suggestion, applying neem juice to the eyes every night will treat night blindness and conjunctivitis. Just paste the neem leaves and make it a paste using a little quantity of water. Apply the juice on the eyes overnight.

4. Does Blood Purification

Neem juice is one of the best drinks that comprises various medicinal properties like anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-viral agents. All these elements help in maintaining a clean internal system. This eventually purifies the blood.

5. Keeps Sugar Levels under Control

It is one of the major health benefits of neem juice. It maintains the sugar levels and keeps it under control. The sugar levels in the blood can be reduced by drinking neem juice frequently. The reason is that there is a hypoglycemic effect in neem juice. It further defers the commencement of the disease. Neem juice also stops the oxidative stress that is often caused by Diabetes.

6. Reduces Fever

Ayurvedic practitioners use neem juice to treat fever in some individuals. They have been using this natural medicine to cure fever for ages. By consuming at least a teaspoon of neem juice alongside honey twice on a daily basis controls high body temperature and reduces fever.

7. Works Great for Skin Problems

Neem juice is the best medicine that treats various skin-related problems. As it has amazing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it helps in treating various skin conditions. It helps in treating acne and oily skin. Neem juice comprises Vitamin C that aids in curing pigmentation, aging, blackheads, and skin dullness as well.

8. Reduces Symptoms of Gastrointestinal Problems

Some of the studies proved that the neem juice helps in treating the symptoms of gastrointestinal problems. It treats different types of gastric problems. The bark of neem extract helps in treating ulcers and other gastrointestinal issues.

 9. Treats Acne

Treating acne is one of the major benefits of neem juice. There are amazing anti-bacterial properties in neem juice. These properties will prohibit the further growth of bacteria in the body. As a result, it treats the bacteria that causes acne.

Side Effects of Neem Juice

Just like the advantages, there are few side effects of Neem Juice. Neem juice is safe for adults for about a year. But, if this juice is consumed in larger doses, it could lead to some health issues. In some cases, it leads to kidney damage and liver problems. Check it out!

1. Harmful for Pregnant Women

Drinking neem juice may cause miscarriage in pregnant women. It is also harmful to the woman who is breastfeeding. Neem juice is used in birth control. So, it is not good for pregnant women and for women who are planning to have children.

2. Not Good Children

Neem juice isn’t good for children. It may lead to serious health issues in infants and kids as well. Some of them may suffer from drowsiness, blood disorders, brain issues, diarrhea, vomiting, and sometimes even death. 

3. Decreases Blood Sugar Levels

Most of them suggest that the consumption of neem juice reduces the sugar levels in the body. It is anyhow true. However, there are some proofs that neem juice sometimes lowers blood sugar levels. It eventually causes a deficiency in sugar levels. Hence, diabetic patients are often advised to monitor their blood sugar frequently. Based on your sugar levels, you can diminish the neem juice quantity that you intake daily. 

4. Auto-immune diseases

Due to the intake a neem juice frequently, it makes the immune system highly active. In such a situation, it enhances the symptoms of auto-immune diseases. Some of the diseases include Rheumatoid Arthritis, LUPUS, Multiple Sclerosis, and more. If you have any of these diseases, it is better to stay away from the neem juice.

5. Infertility in Men

If men intake neem juice frequently, it shows an immense impact on the sperm count of men. It can harm sperm quality and reduces the fertility chances in men. If you are planning to have kids, just prevent drinking neem juice.

6. Not Recommended for People Undertook Surgery

Neem juice lowers the blood sugar levels in an individual. In some cases, it intervenes with blood sugar control whilst undertaking surgery. If you have any surgery then, it is better to avoid drinking it at least a couple of weeks before the surgery.

7. Not Suggested for People with Organ Transplantation

Neem juice lowers the impact of medications on the patient. It leads to organ rejection sometimes. So, if you have any organ transplantation, don’t intake neem juice.

Neem Juice Health Benefits FAQs

People may have plenty of doubts and queries about the health benefits of neem juice. To help you, folks, we have included the frequently asked questions about neem juice and its benefits. Check it out!

What is the Best time to Drink Neem Juice?

The best time to intake neem juice is early in the morning on an empty stomach. Another important point is that one shouldn’t eat anything at least half an hour post consuming neem juice.

How Much Neem Juice Consumption is Safe?

There is no restriction on the quantity of neem juice to be consumed daily. To be precise, it is highly advantageous for the individuals even if they intake at least one-fourth cup of the neem juice. However, we suggest a small cup of neem juice every morning on an empty stomach is preferable. Do not drink too much of it as it has some side effects as listed above.

Can I Drink Neem Juice Every Day?

Yes, one can intake neem juice on a daily basis without any hesitation. It is a natural medicine and can be consumed in limited proportions once every day.

Bottom Line

We hope this guide has given enough knowledge about neem juice benefits and the wonders it does inside a human body. As it is a natural drink, consume it frequently to enhance your immune system. Stay healthy with this amazing neem juice for years. If you have any queries, drop them in the comments section. Stay tuned to this website – StayNaturally to know more about healthy and natural beverages. 

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