Honeybush Tea Benefits, Side Effects and FAQs

Drinking tea is a morning routine for many of us as it gives refreshment and morning strength. But, many say regular tea is not that healthy and it adds up to the calorie count if taken in more quantities. So, people today are preferring herbal teas over regular tea as they are said to be healthy. One such popular tea is Honeybush tea. This herbal tea from South Africa is used in treating various health issues and symptoms. Come let us know more about the Honeybush tea and honeybush tea benefits here.

What is Honeybush Tea?

Herbal teas are prepared from different types of herbs and among them honeybush herb is one of the best herbs used for brewing tea. Honeybush herb has large flowers either in red or yellow color. The herb have the leaves that are sweet smelling and the plant is said to have its origin in South Africa grown in Eastern Cape of the country. One can infuse the honeybush leaves in the hot water to make the honeybush tea. It is derived from the Cyclopia family and commonly called as honeybush tea.

Honeybush tea is free from caffeine and is low in tannins. Thus, it does not show any effect on the nervous system like regular coffee or tea. Honeybush tea contains antioxidants, flavonoids and phenolics which has the capacity to cure many diseases. All those benefits of honeybush tea are here and all the tea lovers should know about this amazing tea as it gives health benefits over regular tea.

What Does Honeybush Tea Taste Like

The Honeybush tea is a honey flavored tea and some describe it as sweet, floral, fruity, delicate and light roasted in taste. It is similar to the Rooibos tea in taste and flavor. Some also say that it tastes less medicinal. The taste of the tea also depends on the way you brew the tea and the variety of the honeybush leaves that one use to make the tea. It is milder than the green tea and black tea.

How To Make Honeybush Tea

Just as any other tea, preparation of honeybush tea is simple and you can do it yourself at home if you follow the few simple steps perfectly and get all the honeybush tea benefits.

  • Put one teaspoon of honeybush tea leaves in a 6 to 8 ounce cup.
  • Heat the water till it comes to boiling and allow it to sit for one or two minutes for reducing the temperature of the water slightly.
  • Pour the hot water in the cup of dried honeybush leaves.
  • Allow the tea leaves to steep for a desired amount of time i.e., for about 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Strain the leaves from the cup and drink the tea.

You can use the strained leaves one more time to make another cup of honeybush tea.

This is how to make honeybush tea in the easiest way at your home. However, is you want to drink the iced honeybush tea you can just follow the same method but pour the tea in a long glass tumbler and add some ice to it. You can even refrigerate this tea to drink later. To enhance the taste of the tea, some add honey to it though it is honey-flavored. So, it is up to you to add honey and boost the health benefits. Fruit flavored honeybush tea is popular among this herbal tea drinkers and there are also many flavors available in the market.

Honeybush Tea Benefits

Honeybush herbal tea comes with group of health benefits as every other herbal tea or herbal drink. Let us check some common benefits of honeybush tea that its drinkers will get.

1. Prevents Cough and Cold

People suffering with cold and cough can drink this amazing tea as it fights against the sickness and germs causing the cold and cough with its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also improves the immune system and the phenolic compound protects the immune system from oxidative stress. It is said to more effective to elevate the symptoms of bronchial.

2. Gives Relief from Menopausal Symptoms

As per researches, the honeybush tea has isoflavones and coumestans antioxidants which are phytoestrogen properties that act like estrogen in the body and treats the symptoms of menopause. The evidences suggest that the tea is effective in relieving menopausal symptoms when Phytoestrogenic activity combines with anecdotal.

3. Prevents Skins Damage

One of the best advantage is that honeybush tea benefits skin from sun damage. The extracts of honeybush are effective in providing protection against the skin damage particularly from the UV B Rays that cause sun burn and symptoms like erythema, edema, and hardening of the skin etc. The extracts of the honeybush also protects from inflammation, oxidative damage and cell proliferation.

4. Inhibits Cancer

Drinking Honeybush tea benefits your body by preventing the growth of the tumor or cancer and this is due to the antioxidants present in the honeybush. It protects the body from harmful cancer causing free radicals. The unfermented honeybush tea is said to be beneficial in inhabiting the multiplicity of tumour in a study conducted on male rats.

5. Gives relief from Asthma, Allergies and Headache

A cup of freshly brewed Honeybush tea will give you instant relief from headache by stabilizing the blood sugar levels that are related to headache. You can also get relief from stress and anxiety with honeybush tea. The medicinal properties present in the honeybush tea would treat asthma and allergies. These benefits of honeybush tea will make you drink it regularly.

6. Treats Digestive Problems

Most of the digestive issues and abdominal discomfort can be treated with honeybush tea. The antioxidants present in this herbal tea improves the symptoms of the stomach problems by cleansing the body.

7. Boosts Metabolism

The metabolic rate of the body is increased with this health drink thus helping to lower the fat content present in the bloodstream of the body. Thus in turn it treat obesity and helps you shed the extra pounds easily.

8. Gives Relaxation and Promotes Sleep

Honeybush tea is known to give instant relaxation to the body as it is pleasing. Drinking this herbal tea at the night time promotes the better sleep as it relaxes the body instantly.

9. Prevents Inflammatory Diseases

There is a compound called phenolic present in the honeybush tea and it treats inflammation which also decreases the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases. It also prevents the risk of Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

10. Improves Symptoms of Diabetes

Pinitol is a drug used for diabetes and this pinitol is also present in the honeybush. Pinitol is known to lower the blood-sugar level and in a laboratory study conducted on animals, this drug shows the insulin like effects which is effective in improving the mice glycemic control.

11. Strengths Immunity

As said honeybush tea is a natural source of the various antioxidants, vitamins and majorly the phenolic compound. This compound is significant in protecting and boosting the immune system of the body. Thus reduces the risk of various diseases and infections.

12. Treats Osteoporosis

Honeybush is good for bone health and drinking one cup of this herbal tea daily promotes bone health and treats the various problems in women such as mood swings, anxiety, depression, hot flashes and osteoporosis which are seen in the last stage of menopause.

13. Treats Symptoms with Potassium Deficiency

One of the best honeybush benefits is this. Lower potassium levels in the body leads to cramps particularly on your feet, lower energy, tiredness and weak. So, people with potassium deficiency should definitely drink honeybush tea regularly as it is said to be good source of potassium.

14. Reduces Cardiovascular Problems

As per researches, drinking a cup of tea daily would improve the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system thus reducing heart strokes and heart attacks. So, drink this herbal tea that gives you lots of health benefits atleast once or twice daily.

15. Supports Liver

With huge number of medicinal properties and benefits, honeybush tea will strengthen your liver. So, enjoy drinking this wonderful drink regularly and stay healthy.

16. Helps Weight Loss

In a research published in a journal called Phytomedicine in the year 2013, it is found that non-fermented and fermented honeybush tea has prevented accumulation of the fat in animal as well as cellular obesity models. It not only inhabits the fat storage in the body but also breaks down the existing fat. Polyphenols constitutes the loss of fat by lowering the blood lipid levels.

Honeybush Tea Side Effects

It is always better to consult a doctor before drinking the herbal teas like honeybush tea is you are on medications or treatment. Though there are no notable side-effects of drinking the honeybush tea, consumption of the tea in excess quantity is not always recommended. Drinking this tea in moderate amount is safe.

However, pregnant and breast feeding women need to take special care and cross-check with their physician before taking this herbal drink.

Honeybush Tea FAQs

Is Honeybush tea good for you?

Yes, with all the benefits it offers for the body honeybush tea is good for health. One can drink it once or twice a day to get honeybush tea benefits.

Does Honeybush Tea Have Caffeine?

One of the best things about this herbal teas is that it is free from caffeine as it is made from the leaves of honeybush that does not have caffeine.

Is Honeybush Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

It is said that drinking the decaffeinated tea like herbal tea would be safe if staying away from tea is difficult for you. So, yes you can consider drinking Honeybush tea herbal tea as it is caffeine free. But, it is always better to ask your doctor before you start drinking this herbal tea during pregnancy.

Final Words

One would definitely love drinking this herbal tea if they would all these honeybush tea benefits. It is recommended to drink moderate amount of the honeybush tea i.e., one to two cups daily if you want to stay health. Start enjoying this healthy herbal drink as it does not have any possible side effects. Hope, reading this post is helpful. Stay connected with us healthy cum natural tips and stay naturally.

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