Chervil Benefits, Side effects, Nutrition Information, and FAQs

If you have ever seen parsley-like leaf being used in the French cuisines, then please do not waste them. That is called chervil, and it is known to have a lot of medicinal values and chervil herb benefits.  Chervil is used in the cosmetic industry as well because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and this is one of the benefits of chervil. Most of the people use chervil in their recipes because of the mild flavor the plant has. 

It is mainly used in salads, omelets, and other French recipes as it is known to enhance the taste of the food to a greater extent. This herb has also made its place in the medical industry as well because of the medicinal values it has—most of the parts of chervil like the dried flowers, leaves, and the juice to make medicines. From the below article, let us quickly understand chervil herb benefits.

Chervil Origin and History

There is a long history associated with chervil. It is believed that it has the same fragrance as the myrrh, which was once bought by the wise men to Jesus when he was a baby. Due to this, Chervil soup in the European continent is pretty popular. Especially during the celebration of Easter, Chervil soup has to be served. A lot of herbalists also have described chervil health benefits and have used them as medicines. 

During the first century, a scholar from Rome, Pliny, spoke about the healing and medicinal properties of chervil. To support this, an herbalist from the seventeenth century Nicholas Culpeper also said that chervil is one of the best herbs to be used to treat stomach related problems. Chervil is also known to relieve the symptoms of hiccups, and this has been extensively followed to date right from the middle ages because of its chervil benefits.

Benefits of Chervil

Chervil is known to have a lot of health benefits. Right from treating the stomach related disorders till making your skin healthy, chervil has a lot of roles to play. So, let us quickly understand the chervil herb benefits

1. Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Chervil is one of the herbs that are high in minerals and vitamins that can help you in developing immunity and prepares the body to fight against dreadful diseases. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, and folate are the vitamins present in chervil. 

Calcium, iron, and magnesium, selenium, potassium, and manganese are the minerals that one gets from chervil. All these things put together can make you a lot healthier as these are essential vitamins and minerals required for the body to function properly. Thus, chervil benefits can be utilized to a larger extent. 

2. Improves Digestions

Chervil is known to treat a lot of stomach related disorders as it has a lot of digestive-soothing properties in it. The ability of chervil to treat cold stomach is known for a very long time, and thus, a lot of people use chervil soul in their meal to settle all sorts of stomach issues. This happens to be one of the benefits of chervil. 

3. Treats Skin Disorder

Chervil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties; hence, most people use chervil in the treatment of acne, skin rashes, eczema, and other skin related problems.  Chervil also has the ability to reduce the swelling, scars after injuries, and redness of the skin too. This shows that chervil is loaded with antioxidants. Hence, it is largely used in the manufacture of skin lotions, moisturizers, and creams as well. 

4. Strengthens the Immune System

Since chervil is abundant in antioxidants consuming chervil regularly can help in detoxifying the body to a larger extent. IT flushes out all the toxins from the stomach, and it is known to clean the stomach. Hence, this is one of the chervil benefits.

5. Lowers Cholesterol

Chervil is one of those herbs that have zero cholesterol levels in them. Hence, using them abundantly in all the recipes that you make can be highly beneficial. Also, it belongs to the family of parsley and parsley is also known to lower the cholesterol levels drastically. Thus, chervil is also known to keep you healthy without adding any cholesterol.

6. Controls Blood Pressure

Chervil acts as a blood-thinning agent as well. Hence, it is largely used in the manufacture of medicines related to hypertension, blood pressure, and anxiety. Most of the herbalists recommend the usage of chervil for people suffering from blood pressure because it improves the blood circulation and works on cutting down the excessive amount of cellulitis. So, with chervil herb benefits, you can indeed control your blood pressure.

7. Promotes Heart Health

When the body accumulates a lot of fat and cholesterol, the functioning of the heart deteriorates. It has to work hard to pump blood properly. But, with the consumption of chervil, it becomes easier to reduce the cholesterol levels and the cellulitis levels keeping the heart-healthy. Also, chervil is known to be a blood-thinning agent, due to which the symptoms of varicose veins, hemorrhages can be relieved. 

8. Improves vision

One can make use of chervil regularly to improve their vision. It is high on Vitamin A, and this is one of the essential vitamins that are known to keep your eyes healthy. Thus, your eye health can be promoted with the help of chervil to a greater extent.

Chervil Side effects

There isn’t much evidence available about the chervil side effects when consumed under normal circumstances. Instead, there are a lot of health benefits of chervil that are reported. However, these side effects are known to be found while administering it for pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. It can be risky because it is known to affect the mutation of the fetus. Also, people who are allergic to chervil should avoid the usage of this herb in any form.

Chervil Nutrition Information

Chervil has a lot of nutritional value, and mentioned below is the chart that explains the nutritional value that 100 gm. Chervil has in it, and this shows the chervil herb benefits.

Calories230 g
Dietary fiber11.3 g
Protein23.2 g
Flavonoids 0.3%  (fresh herb)
Flavonoids0.9%  (seeds)
methyl chavicol

Chervil FAQs

There are a lot of questions that revolve around chervil, and the following are the two most frequently asked questions by a lot of people after the chervil health benefits.

What is a good substitute for chervil?

Chervil falls between parsley and tarragon. However, the flavors may vary slightly. Chervil gives out mild flavors of anise and Licorice. We would suggest you use chervil as much as possible, and if you do not get it at all then, parsley or tarragon can be the substitutes. 

Can I eat chervil stems?

If the stems are tender and soft, one can choose to eat the stems of chervil as well as all the parts of this plant has chervil herb benefits.

Where to buy chervil?

Chervil is available in the form of fresh herb, essential oil, and seeds in most of the grocery stores. They are also available through online stores as well. Hence, one can choose to buy chervil according to their convenience.


Well, with all these chervil herb benefits, it looks like including a bowl of soup every day can be soothing to your stomach, isn’t it? So, if you want to live healthy, fit, and fine with relatively lesser heart issues and stomach related disorders, it is highly important to have herbs like chervil included as part of your diet. 

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