Black Vinegar Health Benefits, Side Effects and FAQs

Have you ever heard of black vinegar?? If not, let us know about it here. Black Vinegar is nothing but another variant of Vinegar. It is one of the popular condiment used in various dishes, in Asian cuisine and in sushi. It is also known as Brown Rice vinegar. Black Vinegar is known to provide numerous health benefits when used similar to other vinegars and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Japan and China people are known to consume this in the form of a drink for getting all the benefits out of it. Taking this regularly along with your daily diet will help you gain some amazing benefits which you would ever think, such as lowering the cholesterol, detoxifying the body etc. Let us in detail study about the Black vinegar health benefits and much more information about it through this article.

What is Black Vinegar?

Black Vinegar is inky or a rich black color vinegar seems like soya sauce. It is also sold as Mature Vinegar which is rich in texture. Black vinegar is also popularly known as Japanese black vinegar or Chinese black vinegar.

Chinese Black Vinegar or Black Vinegar is prepared by fermenting wheat, unpolished rice, millet or sorghum. The black vinegar ferments for 1 to 3 years. During the process of fermentation, the vinegar gets darken, the flavor and the aroma gets strong. Also, the content of vitamins, amino acids, all the essential nutrients and minerals will increase. It is considered as a health tonic among Japanese and Chinese and is a part of their regular diet.

What Does Black Vinegar Taste Like?

Black Vinegar tastes more like Balsamic vinegar. This Chinese black vinegar has a strong fruity but tart taste similar to balsamic vinegar with some richness of umami. Its distinct flavor or slightly sweet and slight smoky comes from its fermentation process. This that makes it a complementary ingredient for various dishes like casseroled dishes and dipping sauces. This black vinegar can be used as fat free alternative for balsamic vinegar. Once you get addicted to this tasty and healthy alternative, you won’t leave it.

How to Use Black Vinegar?

Though the black vinegar proves to be beneficial for health, using it in the proper way is to be known to enjoy its advantages fully. So, let us know the proper usage of black vinegar here.

  • Take black vinegar on empty stomach for better digestion of the food.
  • Mix black vinegar with one tbsp of organic or raw honey, lemon juice and four ounce of orange juice and drink it three times a day with meals or without meals to lose weight.
  • Use black vinegar as dipping sauce for vegetables.
  • Add it to chicken or meat or soups.
  • Use it as seasoning on rice or on ant Asian foods.
  • Black vinegar can used as salad dressing.
  • Add black vinegar to smoothies like strawberry smoothies.
  • Cooking sea food with black vinegar will save hundreds of calories.
  • Use it as dressing on sliced strawberries as weight loss dessert etc.

These are all the possible ways on how to use black vinegar to get its benefits. So, consume black vinegar in any of these ways that best suits you.

Black Vinegar Health Benefits

As said above, Black Vinegar is having huge health benefits if we consume it regularly. But, what are those benefits?? Let us discuss all the health benefits of black vinegar here.

1. Inhibits Cancer

Black vinegar is high in levels of antioxidants that helps in stopping few types of cancers. The organic acids or the antioxidants present in the black vinegar destroys the free radicals or even restore the damage that is caused by the activity of the free radicals that contribute to development of cancer. Black vinegar also has the ability of preventing the tumours.

2. Detoxifies the Body

Black vinegar is rich in various essential nutrients for the body. Consuming black vinegar every year will help maintain the pH level of the body thus detoxifying the entire body. It also deals with body weight and hormonal imbalance. This is the effective health benefits of black vinegar which everyone requires.

3. Fights against Fatigue

The build-up of lactic acid will cause fatigue. However, experts suggest that consuming black vinegar daily will prevent fatigue. The nutrients and amino acids present in the black vinegar fights over the lactic acid build-up and thus fights fatigue. It gives relief from stress and irritability away from the body.

4. Offers Energy

The rich amounts of citric acid present in the black vinegar is crucial for maintaining the metabolism levels in the body. It supports the conversion of food in to the form of energy and the increase in the energy will benefit both digestive system and immune system of the body.

5. Burns Fat

The black vinegar in high in sources of citrate and amino acids. They help in burning the fat present in the body effectively. Thus, people who wants to lose weight, become thin and burn the fat can drink this black vinegar in a healthy dose.

6. Prevents Sore Muscles

One of the great benefits of black vinegar is preventing sore muscles. The build-up of lactic acid in the blood will make you have pain in the muscles. However, intake of the black vinegar will keep this problem away. So, use black vinegar in any of the ways listed above.

7. Prevents Plaque Build-Up

Black Vinegar has the ability to obstruct the formation of harmful contents in the body thus prevents the build-up of plaque on the blood vessel walls. The amino acids in black vinegar is known to improve the heart health. Organic acids will protect the arteries. Drinking the decent amount of black vinegar increases the good cholesterol and makes the blood vessels healthy.

8. Healthy Digestive System

As per the experts, consumption of black vinegar improves the digestive system thus keeping it healthy. Healthy digestive system which is one of the black vinegar health benefits is beneficial for people suffering from constipation and other digestive issues as it keeps away those abdominal problems.

9. Gives Relief from Pain and Injuries

Black vinegar can also be used as for tropical treatments i.e., as a disinfectant on wounds as well as insect bites etc. The soothing and antiseptic properties present in the black vinegar gives relief from pain caused by injuries, fractures and sprains. It is also said to be a natural remedy for the athlete’s foot.

10. Improves Blood Circulation

Black vinegar is warm and rich. The warm nature of the black vinegar helps in flowing the blood properly. It even ensures the normal blood circulation in the body. So, try drinking black vinegar daily as recommended.

Apart from the black vinegar health benefits listed here, it also makes your skin healthy by preventing dark spots, freckles and aging. Black vinegar for hair is another benefit especially for people having oily scalp. Black vinegar strengthens the weak scalp and hair poles thus making the hair healthy.

Black Vinegar Side Effects

Drinking limited amount of Black Vinegar does not give you any side effects. However, people with weak stomach acid should drink it only after consulting doctor as it may not suit them. Anyhow, more than 6 tablespoons is not recommended for any one that too only after taking doctors suggestion as it may lead to stomach cramps, stomach upset and gas. There would be no notable side effects if black vinegar is consumed as per directions of doctor. So, do note this point and drink healthy dosage of black vinegar it get its full benefits.

Black Vinegar FAQs

Is Chinese Black Vinegar Good For You?

Yes, Chinese Black Vinegar is good for health if consumed in limited quantity or as per the suggestion of your physician.

Is Chinese Black Vinegar Gluten Free?

As per The Vinegar Institute, the most usually used starting ingredients for vinegar are apple, grape, rice and corn. So, if the non-distilled vinegar the starting material as rye, wheat or barley then that vinegar is said to be not free of gluten.
No, Chinese Black Vinegar is not gluten free as it is made up of legumes and other grains that contain gluten in them.

Where to Buy Black Vinegar?

One can buy Black Vinegar from online or local stores. Black Vinegar is available in the online stores like Amazon.

Final Words

After knowing the amazing health benefits of black vinegar we hope you would surely love to add it in your daily diet. If so, go ahead to use this tonic in best possible ways every day with doctor’s suggestion. Consuming it in the right way will surely make your body healthy. So, make it part of your diet and get desired changes in your health.

Write us through comment box if you have any queries or benefits that you got of using the black vinegar or else the side effects that you have noticed after adding it to your diet. Hope you find this post helpful.

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