Barley Tea Benefits, Side Effects, Making Procedure and FAQs

Have a habit of drinking tea regularly?? Well some say drinking just a normal tea with milk and tea powder daily is bad for health besides relaxing the senses. So, why not try a healthy tea like Barley tea and experience its benefits?? Barley is one of the well-known grains packed with punch of health. When it comes to barley tea is not popularly known varieties of tea in the western part world. However, it is a common beverage in the countries like Korea, China and Japan. Drinking a cup of barley tea daily will give you a bunch of health benefits and more aroma compared to traditional teas. Right from preventing cancer to improving the immune system, the barley tea play a very important role in improving the overall health. So, we should have a look at the Barley Tea Benefits here and add it to our daily routine.

The freshly brewed barley tea has an amazing nutty flavor and aroma that you must experience in your life. It is completely different from the traditional teas. One of the good things about this tea is that, it is free of caffeine. It is not like green tea, black tea or any of the regular teas that contain tea leaves in it. It is also not an herbal tea. Barley tea is brewed out of roasted grains. It is fill of antioxidants, packed with mineral and vitamins and rich in fibre content to gives a lot of benefits for health. A cup of barley tea will take away all your worries, keeps you refreshed and relaxed. So, how barley tea recipe is made?? You can know it here. Before that, let us know the origin of the barley tea and how does it taste.

Barley Tea Origin

Barley tea has its origin from East-Asia. It is widely cultivated in Korea and Japan and from there it has become a popular beverage in winter and summer times. Barley tea is the main and famous beverage in the Asian countries like as said. In Japan, barley tea is known as “Mugi-cha”, whereas in China and Korea, it is called as “Damai-cha” and “Bori-cha” respectively. In Japan, the tea is served cold usually and in Korea, Barley tea recipe is either served cold or hot. It is a summer refreshment for many people. It is regularly consumed by the Korean people and it is alternative to water in many of their restaurants. Barley tea is available in tea bags and in the bottled form Japan and Korea. However, the Barley tea bags have gained its popularity in early 1980s in Japan as health benefits of barley tea is being spread to people.

What Does Barley Tea Taste Like?

Barley tea has a nutty toasted mild flavor as the roasted barley is used in brewing the tea and is slightly bitter. However, it is sometimes balanced by adding the roasted corn in Korea. This increases the sweetness of the tea. Barley tea is gold in color like honey and is caffeine free. One can make it more delicious by adding some herbs, squeeze a lemon or other citrus fruits like oranges. However, it is better to enjoy the original fresh flavor of the barley tea to get the Barley tea health benefits.

How to Make Barley Tea?

Barley tea can be brewed in many ways. Anyhow, the easiest way is to buy a barley tea bag or the roasted seeds of barley and brew it as per the instructions given. However, if you want to make the barley tea from the scratch and get the complete benefits of barley tea you will have to follow the below steps.

Step-1: Roast Barley

Take plain barley grains and roast them on the stove top pan or in the oven without oil. Once they turn slightly brown in color, you can switch off the stove or take them out of oven.

Step-2: Prepare Barley Tea

  • Take 8 cups of filtered water in a large pot to get the most flavor. Avoid tap water or distilled water.
  • Add two tablespoons of the roasted barley seeds to the water.
  • Bring barley seeds and water to boil.
  • Reduce the heat and allow them to cook for at least 20 minutes in simmer or medium heat.
  • Now, strain the barley tea with a strainer and serve it hot if you want warm tea.
  • If you want to serve the cold barley tea, refrigerate the tea after brewing it and drink it.
  • You can also add honey and small amount of lemon as per your taste for more flavor. You may also add cinnamon, cardamom to the barley tea to enhance its flavor and aroma.

This is the way on how to make barley tea at home easily. Drink it and enjoy its freshness every morning.

Barley Tea Benefits

Barley tea is one of the best beverages for the tea lovers across the world as it is in rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that has good impact on the health. Some of the widely known benefits of barley tea include the following.

1. Prevents Cancer

Certain types of cancers like Breast and prostate cancers can be prevented by the barley tea as has phytonutrients are present in it. The high level of the antioxidants present in this tea will help in stopping the cell damage caused by free radicals and thus prevents cancer.

2. Improves Immune System

Barley tea is having high amounts of vitamin C that guards the immune system from various diseases. It also reduces the duration of cold and flu in people. With the production of white blood cells because of vitamin C in the tea, the body can fight against infections.

3. Boosts Blood Circulation and Acts as Blood Cleanser

Barley tea is said to work as a blood cleanser i.e., it reduces the blood sugar levels and the cholesterol levels in the body. Thereby, it helps in keeping the heart healthy. It also improves the flow of blood and prevents blood clots by which heart attacks are prevented. Japanese say that blood will be freed from impurities by drinking the barley tea i.e., mugicha.

4. Treats Digestive Disorders and Improves Digestion

Barley is high in fibre and hence the barley tea will prevent constipation, stomach bloating and regulates the bowel movement which can keep your gut clean. It also improves the digestion, gives relief from heartburn, acid reflux and helps get rid of stomach upset as it is a natural antacid. Antioxidants present in the barley tea helps reliving the nausea and stomach cramps. It is suggested to have a cup of barley tea before 30 minutes of each meal for better digestion.

5. Prevents Tooth Decay

One of the noticeable health benefits of barley tea is preventing the decay of teeth. The polyphenols and antioxidants present in the barley tea will avoid the teeth from decaying. The antiadhesive properties present in the roasted barley prevents plaque build-up around the teeth which can lead to cavities.

6. Detoxifies the Body

Barley tea detoxifies the body by expelling all the toxins from the body so it is great for liver. It also breaks the excess fat stored in the body and allows the better functioning of the liver. Get this barley tea benefits by drinking it daily.

7. Treats Sleeping Disorders

The tryptophan, melatonin and amino acids altogether are active ingredients present in Barley tea helps healthy as well as good sleeping patterns. All these compounds trigger neurotransmitters in the brain and will help you feel sleepy as well as relaxed. As it is free from caffeine, it will not interfere with the sleeping routine even if you take it before going to bed. It overall helps in better sleep. However, it is advised to take in moderate amounts.

8. Boosts Male Fertility

Barley as a grain in packed with of selenium. This mineral plays a crucial role in the fertility in men. As per a study, regular consuming the selenium has increased the men’s fertility who are infertile for a year or longer. It also offers healthy prostate and prevents the prostate cancer too.

9. Regulates Bowel Movement

Barley tea is loaded with fibre that helps in easy and regularizing the bowel movement. This is by cleaning the digestive tract. This will reduce the constipation which gives the bloated feeling in people. So, drink a cup of this tea to get barley tea health benefits for better bowel movement.

10. Helps Increase Weight Loss

Barley tea is low in calories and a great replacement for water and sugar drinks. The tea is also low in sugar content and so it can be consumed by the diabetics. As the tea is rich in fibre content, it will make you feel fuller so you will not consume more calories. The antioxidants of the barley tea will also boost your body metabolism and promotes the loss of weight by cutting over eating.

11. Reduces Inflammation

Along with antioxidant properties, the barley tea is having anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds is great for treating arthritis, oxidative stress, joint pains, gout, arthritis and other issues present throughout the body. This is one of the best barley tea benefits that you can get by drinking the tea daily.

12. Benefits Skin

Barley tea has antioxidants present in many forms which helps the body’s oxidative stress that causes wrinkles, age spots and premature aging. This compound also improve the elasticity of the skin and makes you look younger.

13. Reduces Headaches

Drinking barley tea when you feeling nausea will help reduce the feeling. It also reduces the headaches and migraines in people. So, give a try to get this benefits of barley tea.

14. Gives Cooling Effect

Barley is known as “yin” food in Japan and this means it has the capability of cooling the body from inner. Thus, it brings your core body temperature down. So, if you are feeling heat from within or on a hot day, consume a cup of barley tea.

Barley Tea Side Effects

Despite the numerous benefits of barley tea, there are few side effects when taken in moderate amounts. Though there are no dangerous side effects, taking some precautions when having the tea will prevent these few side effects also. However, here we have listed those side effects that you can have a look at.

  • Avoid drinking the barley tea if you are gluten sensitivity or suffer from celiac disease and if you are allergic to grains. Some types of barley tea is having corn in it, so if you are allergic to it, avoid barley tea.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant women are advised to avoid drinking barley tea as it could cause complications and prevent lactation in women. However, if you are willing to drink it, take the advice of doctor. Also ask your doctor about drinking the barley tea when you are taking any medications.

Barley Tea FAQs

Is Barley Tea Good For You?

Yes, Barley tea is good for health in many ways. However, if you are taking any medical treatments or pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your physician about it.

Does Barley Tea Have Caffeine?

Barley tea is free of caffeine as it is not a tea in the traditional sense. Also it is not made from Camellia sinensis plant like green tea or black tea. As barley tea is brewed only from barley, it does not have caffeine in it.
However, some manufacturers of the barley tea may add caffeine to the caffeine free barley seeds. So, before buying the barley tea seeds or tea bags, check the nutritional label to ensure that it is caffeine free or not.[

Is Barley Tea Gluten Free?

Barley is grain that contains gluten in it. As barley tea is made is brewed from barley, it is not gluten free.

Where to Buy Barley Tea?

Barley tea bags are available in any of the grocery stores in Asian and recently in western countries. And roasted barley seeds will be found in tea shops and health food stores of the Asian countries. In Korea and Japan bottled barley tea is also sold in convenience stores, vending machines and supermarkets. However, barley tea bags and bottled barley tea is also sold in the online stores. So, one can buy it from any of these stores.

Final Words

All these are the noticeable barley tea benefits that one can get by drinking it daily. Though it may not cure serious illnesses or diseases it can improve your overall health if consumed daily. So, substitute your regular tea with this awesome tea and help your body rejuvenate and relaxed. Share your thoughts with us on barley tea through comment box after adding it to your daily routine.

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