Apricot Oil Benefits, Side Effects, Nutritional Information and FAQs

Apricot kernel oil is basically made by cold pressing the kernels of the apricots to reveal oil, which is then filtered and stored. Apricot kernel oil benefits find its place improving the overall quality of an individual’s health right from strengthening the hair to boosting your immune system. This article is a small insight into the various aspects of apricot oil benefits and how we can benefit the most with nature’s such a precious gift.

We recognize everything from our smell rather than any other sensory organ. Thus, the summer apple fragrance that you get out in the hills reminding you of autumn, that is what apricot is. Apricots are native to New Zealand or South America and are considered of the same family as peaches. Apricots are identified by their bright mush orange colour and a twangy sweet taste reminding you of the summer. This velvety piquant flavoured fruit is considered a rich source of vitamin C and is usually available through overseas exports. They are heavily used in their food industry to add a zing to the palette and colour to the dish. Health benefits of apricot oil are known to everyone; still, we will have a look at it in this post.  

History of Apricot Kernel Oil

The Apricot tree has derived its name from “Armenian plum.” belonging to its native country Armenia, where it is still cultivated since ancient times. This fact is still debatable as some say the apricot is native to China, as in Chinese apricot means ‘Education circle,’ a domain under Confucius philosophy. The name “Armenian plum.” Means, ‘wood of Apricot trees,’ is used for carvings in Armenia, but in China, even today, a physician is fondly called as “The Expert of the Apricot Grove.” 

Again, there are many historical references that cite India as the apricot’s origin from around 3000 BC. 

The Apricots were introduced to Rome and Greece by the Roman General Lucullus and King Alexander the Great, respectively. Due to conflicting nature of the appearance of apricots during various time periods, Apricot tree’s true origins are still in question as no concrete evidence has been found to say otherwise.  But, at the same time, evidence has also been found about the faith in apricot oil benefits from very early times. History researches show it was used even then to treat, swelling, ulcers, and other dangerous growths. 

In present times, Turkey is the largest producer of Apricots across the globe.

The trust in the benefits of apricot oil is not of today but since age-old times. This fruit has always been a topic of curiosity for researchers with various perspectives and ideas of their own.  There have been many types of research to understand the full extent of benefits towards the human health with one accepted conclusion- the benefits of apricot oil go way beyond just the physical curing by healing us from the inside. 

Apricot Oil Benefits

Mentioned below are some of the ways how apricot oil benefits the body and health. The use of this oil is definitely the next step for a good healthy living.

1. Apricot Oil Treats Cancer

The demand for apricot kernel oil for cancer cure is huge in the international market. There has been proven studies on apricots being an agent that treats cancer and acts as a cancer-suppressing agent. This is so because, the apricot, due to its anti-oxidant properties, avoids and reverses the cell proliferation process, eliminating the chances for the growth of tumors. Basis the studies, Apricot oil cannot assumably treat cancer, but the presence of the compound- Amygdalin can definitely prevent cancer by stopping cells from reproducing. The presence of this complex compound enables apricots to have cancer-fighting abilities. This oil basically acts as an interference hindering the process of cell proliferation, thus preventing the spread of the disease to other parts. 

2. Apricot Oil Improves Skin Health

There is a whole list of Apricot Kernel oil skin benefits and is believed to be a natural goodness fruit that boosts the vitality of the skin. The oil from the apricot kernel bears a close resemblance to the sebum, a fluid that is secreted by our sebaceous glands to keep our skin moisturized. This oil can act as a moisturizer to a rough-dry skin, can boost the glow of the skin by removing the fine line and skin blemish can treat acne, and is naturally endowed with healing properties for most of the problems of the skin. This fruit also finds it’ uses as an antiseptic and for stiff and achy joints. This has forced researchers to give the title of ‘the star fruit’ to this fruit. Now, before you get too excited, let’s get an insight into what all this fruit can do to us with its overflowing natural goodness. 

Apricot oil as anti-aging:

Apricot oil is graciously endowed with vitamin E and even niacin. The presence of this vitamin makes it very suitable for the skin as our skin also secretes sebum, which contains the vitamin-E component. This fruit extraordinarily benefits the skin by rejuvenating and repairing the skin by reviving new cells. This presence of a high amount of anti-oxidants slows down the aging process progressively and giving a firmer feel to the skin.

Apricot oil for acne problems: 

Apricot oil for acne problems is a huge hit because it works in favour of the skin in every way possible. The anti-inflammatory properties help the acne bacteria to dissolve; the light feature of the oil helps in creating a protective layer over the skin diverting impurities, and its anti-microbial property prevents the return of the acne by allowing the vitamin E to open clogged pores.

Apricot oil on prevention of dark circles and blackheads:

This oil acts as a balsamic, thus providing relief to achy eyes and dark -circles. The presence of a huge mineral content like magnesium and potassium works on the skin and mutes the appearance of dark circles.

The apricot oil benefits the occurrence of blackheads even as the layer of the oil prevents the oxidization of secretion with the help of the rich anti-oxidants level it has.

Apricot oil on skin moisturisation, hydration:

Apricot oil benefits the skin not only from the inside but from the outside, too, by acting as a protective shield of the skin against all impurities.  The presence of vitamin E, K, A, and C, along with niacin, helps with skin moisturizing properties keeping it supple and hydrated. It’s peppery lavender smell certainly helps with its use of a moisturizer while it’s the high content of water serves as a hydrating gradient for the skin, providing a healthy glow from the inside.  

With so many goodness in tow and benefits in line for the skin, companies have always believed in Apricot oil skin benefits, making it an important addition in many skincare products across the globe. Some other apricot oil benefits are- 

3. Apricot Oil Benefits Hair

There are numerous apricot oil benefits for hair, making it a huge hit in the cosmetic & hair industry. Apricot oil is very light in nature and, thus, can be used as a serum after bath to lock the moisture in your locks or can be used as a massage head oil to nourish the hair and relieve the scalp of any stress. It benefits hair by nurturing the hair follicles and make them strong. Due to its anti-inflammable properties, it gives relief from de-generate conditions like dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema.  The presence of anti-oxidant and balsamic properties it helps the scalp to soothe and get rid of the itchy flaky layer.

4. Apricot Oil Protects Heart

Apricot oil benefits the heart by keeping the cholesterol levels low and improving the liver anti-oxidant status of the body, which in turn protects the heart. This is possible because apricot oil is an abundant source of MUFA and PUFA, which includes the majority of oleic and linoleic acids. These acids regulate the blood flow to the heart, keeping it healthy. Its bioactive compounds and presence of various minerals can discourage the formation of the fat layer around the heart, making it a healthy supplement in the diet. 

5. Apricot Oil Improves Respiration

Benefits of apricot oil multiply when ingested, providing cover protection and improve respiration. Apricot oil has anti-inflammatory properties making it suitable to use during respiratory troubles. Its bioactive compounds and seditious properties provide relief to the respiratory tract by removing the mucus and clearing the respiratory passage. This oil can be either ingested or can be used in essential oils for the fragrance to maximize its effect on respiration. 

6. Adds Shine to Dry and Brittle Nails

Apricot oil is an essential agent that stimulates the revival of cells and adds shine to dry and brittle nails. Nails tend to lose their moisture exposing dry cuticles, especially during the winter months. But, some drops of apricot oil along with coconut or almond oil can create wonders for the brittle nails and dry skin. Apricot oil helps in repairing extremely dry skin by getting conveniently absorbed into the skin. It’s various vitamins, and compounds act as a moisturizer and rejuvenate the skin cells. 

The best part about this oil is its lightness and lack of greasy lustre, which allows easy absorption and longer retention.

Apricot Kernel Oil Side-effects

Everything in limited quantity is good, but if it crosses the safety limit, it might just spell chaos for you. Apricot no doubt is a naturally endowed magic fruit 

  • Apricot has a presence of high-value nutrients which, if consumed in very high quantities, can interfere with the body-hormone.
  • Dried apricot often contains two very dangerous substances, i.e., Hydro cyanide acid, amygdalin which might be detrimental for bones.
  • People with sulphur sensitivity should stay away from Apricot Kernel oil as it can induce asthma in an individual.
  • Consuming raw unripe apricots in good quantities might cause stomach infection. 
  • Ingesting it in a high amount or using it beyond consideration might cause harm to your health and cyanosis, where the level of oxygen in the blood goes down.
  • The condition of ptosis where the eyelids become heavy and droopy might also result as a part of over-eating the apricots. 
  • It can also cause arterial hypotension, where the arteries of blood become tender and swollen, interrupting the blood flow.
  • The laxative power in the apricots might flare up cases of gastroenteritis or diarrhoea and hence should be consumed in check.

Although the benefits of apricot oil supersedes the harmful effects of the oil on the body if taken in huge quantity can cause harm to the body.

Apricot Oil Nutrition Facts

Calories from Fat1927
Monosaturated fat131 g
Omega 6-Fatty acids63872 mg
Phytosterols580 g
Polyunsaturated fat63.9 g
Protein1.4 g
Saturated Fat13.7 g
Vitamin Eg

Apricot Oil FAQs

Does apricot kernel oil contain cyanide?

Apricot kernel is surely a real benefit for the body, but it contains a dangerous compound called amygdalin which, when ingested, gets converted into cyanide inside the body resulting in harmful side-effects.

Where to buy apricot kernel oil?

Apricot oil is found in any major departmental store. Even online platforms store a variety of apricot kernel oils to choose from. The reviews and ingredient list should be read carefully before purchasing, and preferably the organic ones should be preferred.


Therefore, in a nutshell, apricot oil can be considered as a boon with overwhelming health benefits offering us the chance of having a healthy system in place.  Apricots oil benefits the body and soul by healing inside out. Their peppy punch smell and delicious tangy-sweet tastes definitely win hearts, and with so much goodness in tow, they’re very easy to incorporate daily.  But just like every coin has two faces, even apricots consumed in huge quantities might be a detrimental agent for your health. But if you want to order one for yourself to experience this goodness first hand, go ahead and order one for yourselves. Well, I just did!

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